Review of the Number One Golf Rangefinder on Amazon | The GoGoGo Sport VPRO

Welcome back everyone to Golf Weekly where each week we dive into the latest golf technology, equipment, apparel and experiences.  This week, we take a look at the number one rangefinder on Amazon with the GoGoGo Sport V-Pro.

If you type in the words “Golf Rangefinder” in the search bar on Amazon, this is the first rangefinder that pops up in the search results.  GoGoGo has made a great business on providing a quality low cost Rangefinder.  

Let’s take a quick look at the product and the specs around the Sport VPRO.  I was surprised to see that the Sport VPRO includes Slope functionality to compensate for changes in elevation and terrain.  The product is very easy to navigate and point and shoot.  The locking on the pin is easy with “Pin Lock” and then you feel a vibration when you shoot for the actual yardage.  The Sport VPRO can measure accurately up to 650 yards away.  Another great feature is the magnetic capabilities to stick directly to the cart bar to keep close for easy access.  

Now that we know what we are working with, I took the Sport VPRO out for a field test.  I took this out to my local course and shot the pin 10 times from 125 yards out.  I did this because the number one complaint on Amazon reviews was that this wasn’t as accurate as others.  The results were definitely better than I expected.  I did get 10 different numbers however they were all within 1-2 yards of each other.  Most golfers shouldn’t worry if the number is 125 or 126 as they don’t have that type of distance control


For the cost of under $100, this is a great Rangefinder if you don’t have one already.  It offers slope, great optics, and is very easy to use.  The only cons I saw was that the AAA batteries weren’t included, and like the reviews said, my numbers were off a yard or two consistently.  This is a perfect rangefinder for someone who doesn’t own one yet and wants to try out a new Rangefinder, or someone new to golf.  

What is your favorite rangefinder and why?  Drop us a note below in the comments below!

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