The Top USGA Illegal Products To Improve Your Game Instantly

Welcome back everyone to Golf Weekly where each week we dive into the latest golf gear, technology, apparel, and experiences.  Today we are discussing a very controversial topic of products that are illegal under USGA, but will definitely help you play better golf.  

Before we dive into the list, one product did make the list that is actually USGA approved.  Let me know if you can guess which one in the comments below.  Our thoughts for the products are very basic in theme.  If you aren’t a professional golfer, or playing for money in a tournament, league, or amongst friends, then I don’t have a problem with using illegal items.  Golf is meant to be fun, and if you can make your experience more enjoyable, then I say go for it.  I also encourage these products as they will induce a subset of golfers who couldn’t golf because they are unable, or just quit golf because the game wasn’t fun any more.  

Polara Golf Balls:

Polara self correcting golf balls are said to reduce slices and hooks by up to 75%.  I was curious to see how true this was.  The concept behind the ball is actually rocket science, but it is really quite easy for any golfer to figure out.  There is an arrow on the ball to point at your target.  The dimple pattern through this middle section is much shallower, while the outer dimples are much deeper.  It’s that easy, point the arrow at where you want the ball to go.

After you get off the tee with these golf balls, there are two options. 1. Reposition the arrow for each shot, ensuring that it goes straight.  2.  Just playing it as it lies and it will act like a normal golf ball.  

On the green it really doesn’t matter whether the arrow was lined up or not, it will roll true either way.  While Polara Self Correcting Golf Balls are not USGA legal for scoring and tournaments, I think that all high-handicappers should play these until they get to a single digit handicap.  

SurePutt Pro:

The Sure Putt is designed to help read the slope and break on a green. It can show any uphill, downhill, sloping right or sloping left break on any putting surface. The bubble in the spirit level will move around the dial to show you the direction of the break. By reading the dial around the disc you can instantly see the slope of the green. Every quadrant on the dial shows you the path your ball will take on its way to the hole. The further outside the center circle on the dial the greater the slope or the greater the uphill or downhill break. Sure Putt will train your eye to see the subtle contours that can make even a short putt difficult. The more you use it, the better your putting game will be.  Another cool thing about the SurePutt is that you can customize it with logos, slogans, or even pictures.  If your vision has taken a turn for the worse, then I think this product makes a lot of sense to help you out and make golf more enjoyable.  The SurePutt Pro will cost around $40.00 and come in a variety of colors.

S7K Standing Putter:

More than 80% of golfers fail at aligning putts properly, and that is the problem that the S7K Standing Putter is trying to solve.  With the S7K Putter, you can place the blade behind the ball and line it up precisely while looking directly down the line.  Then you simply take your stance, place your hands on the grip, and make your stroke.  The Putter will stand Strongly sloped, Wet conditions, and it will even stand up in a breeze.  Although this product looks straight out of an infomercial, I do see the benefits of being able to self-diagnose your alignment.  If you guessed this is the product that is actually legal, then you were correct.  The S7K is approved for all play, including tournaments, under the Rules of Golf.  The S7K Putter comes in at $179 and offers left hand or right hand options.

The SlicStick:

If you want a really under the radar way to seriously help your tee ball, then check out a product like the SlicStick.  Think of it as a compound that is housed in a Glue Stick container, and you simply rub it onto your driver’s face before each shot.  Let us restate that this is illegal under USGA, so under no circumstances should you use this product in tournaments or when playing competitively for any sort of money.  The product does really work though, and it will reduce your hook and slice spin dramatically.  Basically if you are at a point in your golf game where you might give up, this product should bring some joy back into golf for you.  This is only meant to use on your woods, so your iron game won’t improve using SlicStick.  One other benefit of note, is that the SlicStick will also provide you real-time feedback as to where you are hitting the ball on your club face as you will get a ball mark every time.  This is a cheap and effective way to instantly improve your driving game.  However, your driver and woods will become a sticky mess every time you apply so be aware.  A 2-Pack of the SlicStick will cost you around $15.00.

EZee Golf PowerGolf:  

The last product on our list is if you absolutely don’t care that you are cheating with the Ezee Golf No Swing Golf Club.  

As a former aerospace engineer for Lockheed Missile & Space Company, Roy Taylor worked on many exciting projects, for NASA and Air Force programs.  He took his engineering expertise of launch angles and trajectory and repurposed these concepts to golf.  He created the Ezee Golf Power Golf No Swing Club.  

Here is How it works:

-Simply set your distance anywhere from 75-200 yards

-You need to insert the power strips which provide the propulsion for the club head

-Your club is now loaded, and from there you prime the club with a pull upwards on the grip handle and turn off the “safety”.  You are now ready to aim and “fire”.

Now, I actually can see recreational uses for this club such as folks with disabilities or can no longer swing a club.  Also, if you just want your significant other to come golf with you but they don’t have interest in the “normal” golf game, this could be a good alternative.  However, this impressive club and technology comes with a cost of around $1,000.  

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