Sunday Golf Bag Review: Loma Bag

Welcome back everyone to Golf Weekly where each week we dive into the latest golf gear, technology, apparel, and experiences.  Today we are diving into a different type of golf bag made by a great company in San Diego, called Sunday Golf.  

A Sunday Golf bag is a stripped down version of a normal golf bag, without all the bells and whistles.  The term “Sunday Bag” stems from the early days of golf when caddies would take Sundays off, and so the players would walk the course and carry their own clubs.  

The Sunday Golf Bag is designed with ease, and convenience in mind, for the player who wants to take with them just the clubs they need the most.  Great for a par three course, executive course or when hitting the range for some practice.  

I was excited when I was able to get my hands on The Sunday Golf Loma bag.  When thinking about your ultimate Sunday bag you are looking for 4 main attributes:  quality material, the right dimensions, durability, and extremely comfortable straps.  

The Loma Bag at first glance was beautiful, but then I picked it up and it was extremely light…like less than 2 lb’s light.  ​​The Loma bag is also functional with five pockets. They’re small, but they give you the space you need for a day at the course. I found a space for my phone, a few golf balls and another pocket that worked well to fit a range finder.  One of my favorite features is the Frosty Pocket – an insulated zip-up pouch that’s deep enough for two 12-ounce cans of your favorite beverage.

Some other aspects of the bag is that there are seven tee holders, a velcro strip large enough to fit two golf gloves, and there are a few different spots where you can clip a golf towel.  The bag also comes with kickstand legs, which is essential nowadays.  The built-in handle at the top is useful for those quick trips from the green to a near tee box and other short distance examples.  

Sunday Golf states the bag is designed to carry six to eight golf clubs.  I would suggest 6 or 7 max, as when I put 8 or 9 clubs in the bag, it was definitely a little too congested in the bag and I found it difficult to take clubs out and put them back in.    

For my final thoughts on the Sunday Golf Loma Bag, my skepticism immediately went to:  I won’t ever use this bag.  However, I have to say I can see myself getting a ton of use out of this bag.  

The Sunday Bag is not for taking on a golf trip, if there is bad weather (as you will need rain gear), or any sort of serious tournament setting. For that, I’m going with something that’s going to allow more storage for all of the various things I may need to bring along.

But for leisurely rounds? For abbreviated rounds? For quick trips to the range?  Taking your young kids golfing at twilight, and for a bunch of other common golf scenarios..yeah I can definitely see using this quite a bit.  

Let us know about your thoughts on Sunday Golf Bags in the comments below.  

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