Is This The Best Golf Towel In The Game? A Review of The Ghost Golf Magnetic Towel

Welcome back everyone to Golf Weekly, where each week we dive into new golf gear, technology, equipment, and apparel.  This week, we look at one of the top golf accessories in the market with the Ghost Golf Towel.  

If you think the golf towel has stayed the same for the last 30 years, think again.  We wanted to provide an honest review of the Ghost Golf towel which has been called “the number 1 towel in golf”. 

The Ghost Golf towel combines the convenience of a magnet with the function of a waffle-weave technology towel. It’s one of those situations where you see the product and say to yourself, “why didn’t I think of that?”   Most people just continue to purchase cheap towels every few rounds.  That is the problem the Ghost Golf team wanted to solve.  

The most important part of any golf towel is the material it’s made from and the performance of the fabric.  The rise of the waffle-weave pattern in the golf towel space is the biggest indicator of a solid accessory. 

Even without the magnet functionality on the Ghost Golf towel, the accessory hit the mark by simply providing the perfect fabric to clean your golf clubs and golf balls. While there are many waffle-weave pattern towels on the market, what sets Ghost Golf’s towels apart are, of course, the magnets.

The simplicity and ingenuity behind the towel is very hard to come by in other golf products & accessories.   There are plenty of towels that can clip onto your bag, but no one wants the hassle of clipping and unclipping it every single hole. Typically, something’s got to give: either it’s an off-the-bag towel for the day or it’s an on-the-bag towel. Ghost Golf covers you on both sides of the coin.  

As most amateur golfers miss a handful of greens in regulation on a good day, grabbing a few wedges, a putter and a towel and walking to 5 or 6 greens to chip before we putt is a recipe for a lost towel, but with the magnet, leave the towel attached to your putter, and this issue goes away.  

Touting yourself as “The Best Towel in Golf” and “The No. 1 Towel in Golf” takes plenty of confidence on the manufacturing side of things, but Ghost Golf simply lives up to the hype, exceeding even a skeptic’s expectations. 

Simply slapping a magnet on anything would have improved it, but the product Ghost Golf is selling here is a quality golf towel with an added piece that isn’t available anywhere else.

The Ghost Golf towel comes in 2 different styles:  The Caddie and Greenside options.  The Greenside is currently $40, and the Caddie is currently $45.  Both come in 4 color options, and they also come in bundles if you want both towels. You can use PROMO CODE: STEELE15 to get 15% off your order at checkout!

Let us know about your experience using the Ghost Golf towels in the comments.  

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