Cobalt Rangefinder Review

Welcome back everyone to Golf Weekly, where each week we dive into new golf gear, technology, equipment, and apparel.  This week, we check out a new, premium direct-to-consumer Rangefinder brand with Cobalt Golf.  

Designed and produced by the same team who heads up Maven Hunting who broke the mold when creating a high-quality direct-to-consumer Hunting Optics company.  Cobalt Rangefinders are an expansion into different industries for the Maven team.  Their aim is to provide a high-quality and performing rangefinder without the retail markup.  The Maven team combined with Laser Tech who designed and manufactured lasers for the US Government, NASA, The PGA Tour, Law Enforcement Agencies, and even the America’s Cup Yacht Race.  The PGA Tour has been using Laser Tech technology since 1994, and many consumers use their technology without even realizing it.  All this info is relevant as these two industry leaders combined forces to make an amazing piece of golf technology.  We tried out the Cobalt Q6 and wanted to let you know about our experience using the product.  

When we first opened up the box, the Cobalt rangefinder itself looked amazing with a sleek black body and blue accent. It reminded me of a sports car that was ready to go on a ride.  The unit comes with a battery preloaded, so you can take it right out of the box and start playing.  

I took this out for a test drive in the Phoenix area and loved the product from the start.  

The optics on the Q6 were great and you can tell that the team that designed and manufactured the product has vast experience.  The accuracy is superb with up to .5 yards from 300 yards out.  You can read the distance in meters or yards, and it’s easy to change with a quick turn of a knob.  Another great thing about the rangefinder is that it is housed in IPX7 waterproof materials so you can have peace of mind bringing this with you if there might be some rough weather heading your way.

When looking into the Cobalt rangefinder itself, the optics are incredible with a reddish/orange aiming reticle and firing indicators.  The pointing and shooting your target is really simple and with their Pinsense and Surge technology you can be confident you have locked on to the pin with visible, physical, and audible feedback.  

Some rangefinders have trouble delineating between a pin and trees in the background.  The Cobalt team made sure that this was never going to be an issue.  You will see the Pinsense Brackets appear and surround the aiming reticle and then a Surge of vibration is felt along with a low volume audible vibration.

You can also Scan by holding the “Fire” button and scan back and forth to various targets to see the distances to multiple hazards, trees, or other course features. 

If you have the Q6 Slope, the on/off lever is right on the side and can be turned off/on with a quick turn of a dial.  You will see a red LED “SLOPE” when you look through the viewfinder.  

Finally, if you want to talk about Peace of Mind, their Lifetime warranty is one of the best I have seen.  It reads:  “Should any Cobalt rangefinder become damaged or defective such that it can’t be used, we will repair or replace it at no charge to you. 

The Slope Version of the Q6 comes in at a $420 price point and you can pick one up by clicking this link: Cobalt Q6 Slope

The Cobalt Q6 without slope comes in at $370 and you can pick one up by clicking this link: Cobalt Q6 Base

We would love to hear your comments about your experience using Cobalt Rangefinders below!


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