Our Favorite Golf Pushcarts for 2021

For our second annual review of our favorite push carts, we wanted to review the latest and greatest models from this year.  However, as the Pandemic hit the world hard last year, manufacturing of new models was few and far between.  The Push-Cart industry is as strong as ever, and golfers are demanding more innovation from manufacturers than ever.  Remember there are a lot of aspects to take into consideration when choosing your Push-Cart such as maneuverability, durability, stability, overall aesthetics, and portability.  Let’s dive into our favorites for 2021.

We’ll start off our list with the Walker Cape 1.5

Walker Cape 1.5

For those of you who appreciate a classic look to their pushcart, you will love the 3-wheel Walker Trolley Cape 1.5.  The company is based out of Austin, TX, and has created a great push retro-looking pushcart.  From the Rubber air-filled tires to the minimalistic & simplistic design, we love the throwback look to these.  The Cape 1.5 is a bit on the heavier side at 19 pounds, but they do offer a flat rate of $39 to ship the product to you.  The Cape 1.5 is very sturdy, and manufactured with high-grade aluminum, and waxed canvas so the push-cart is built to last.  The foot brake is on the lower left wheel for convenience and the turning & steering is very simple and stress-free.  The only negative feedback we can give is that the handle is a bit on the shorter side.  So if you are tall (over 6’3), you might bump into the wheels with your stride from time to time.  The Walker Cape 1.5 push cart is $429.00 and comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.  

Next on our list is the ClicGear 8+

ClicGear is one of the leaders in the Push-Cart market and the 8+ is just another reason why they continue to be at the top of pushcart sales.  The Clicgear Model 8.0+ Cart is a great choice for anyone that is looking for the best of the best in pushcarts. It breaks down to just 17-inches tall and 27-inches wide, which makes it perfect for throwing in the back of your car.  The four-wheel design makes this cart extremely stable, which is especially helpful on uneven ground.  The braking system is top of the line with a front brake lever powering dual front-wheel brakes.  The 8+ comes with a ton of accessory options like a cooler bag, cart seat, umbrella holder, or even a shoe brush.  The frame weighs 22lbs and is designed to fit most standard cart bags.  The ClicGear 8+ comes in 3 color options to choose from and is $319.00.  

Next on our list, is the Sun Mountain Pathfinder PX4:  

One of the products from last year that made our list was the Sun Mountain Pathfinder 4.  As the name states, the product still has four wheels, and This year features An update of the Pathfinder 4, with the PX4 having many of the same winning features, plus several updates. Like the Pathfinder 4, the PX4 folds/unfolds in two easy steps and has plenty of built-in storage. The new single-piece handle allows the cart to be pushed with one hand and the updated console tray has dual-umbrella attachments. Includes a drink holder.  The product is the same weight as last year’s model at around 17lbs.  For additional storage, the cart has a mesh basket and a velour-lined valuables pouch.  Bags are secured to the cart with adjustable length bungee cords.  The Sun Mountain Pathfinder PX4 comes in at $250.00

Next on our list is the BigMax Autofold FF

The Big Max Autofold is Designed to compactly fold and unfold with a single hand movement, this cart features a straight axle construction engineered to promote greater stability. Adjustable bag brackets enable secure bag transportation, while an easily adjustable cart handle creates added comfort.  The AutoFold FF has 2 larger back wheels (with the foot brake on the back right wheel) and a small front wheel, and your golf bag is attached to the brackets with bungee straps. 

While they call it Autofold, it doesn’t actually fold by itself.  There is a lever that will raise, lower, and adjust the main handle. Big Max includes many of the things that we look for in a quality pushcart.   Plenty of storage, great maneuverability on hard surfaces, it rolls very smoothly and the wheels are very gentle on the grass.  The bag sits very vertically on the cart, not touching any of the main frameworks.  It makes it easy to grab a club or put a club back in the bag.  The Big Max Autofold FF is currently $330 and comes in 2 different color options.

Finally, the last Push-Cart on our list is the Rovic RV1S

Featured in last year’s video, we just couldn’t take the RV1S off the list.  It’s one of the top-selling push-carts on the market.  In fact, on the ROVIC website, at the time of making this content, they are currently on backorder.  Nothing has changed since last year’s list, but a quick recap of some of our favorite features are: The ability to change direction and turn is effortless, and a wide base and large wheels allow you to move through uneven terrain with ease.  Their strap-in locking system keeps your bag secure.  a number of accessories such as A seat, cooler bag, XL cup holders, and shoe brush, and the Rovic RV-1S has plenty of storage for your golf balls, scorecard, tees, and pencil.  The lightweight 17-pound frame folds down to 13” X 15” X 24”.  The product is still hovering between $260 and $300.  

Let us know your feedback on push-carts that you love and why in the comments below. 

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