The Claw

The subsidiary of CaddyDaddy, The makers of the Claw golf glove approached me saying that they have manufactured a golf glove that is long lasting and more durable than anything else on the market today.  I was (of course) skeptical as I usually tear through golf gloves on the palm in 2-4 rounds.  So I gave the Claw a try, and I have to say that I am currently on my 12th round using this glove and there is no sign of wear on the palm.  

The Claw is made from synthetic suede and mesh on the top for a snug fit, and then offers a silicone web coating on the fingers and palm.  To me, the durability of this glove is game changing because of how many gloves I normally rip through every season?  

As mentioned above, The Claw has a snug fit, so make sure to order a size larger if you don’t like a tight fit on your hand.  Another thing that is great about this glove is that it is machine washable.  I golf in very humid conditions, so with humidity comes large amounts of sweat and I need to be able to wash my golf gloves.  The Claw Pro which I am currently using comes in a gray color, but the original Claw glove comes in both black and white.  All models come in both left or right handed options.  

If you wear through your golf gloves often, I think you need to try this product. You can pick one up today for around $25.00.  Which is more than other gloves on the market, but it will last five to ten times as long.  

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