Blue Tees Series 3 Max Golf Rangefinder Review

About four months ago we had the opportunity to review and use the full lineup of Blue Tees Rangefinders.  Here is the link to that blog post: HERE

While there were many positives to their lineup, we thought that there were just a few small tweaks they could make in order to really compete with the Bushnell and Nikon Rangefinders of the world.  

They recently released their Blue Tees Series 3 Max rangefinder and we thought we would see what the company has been up to, and what new features they brought to market with their Series 3.  A pretty cool idea that I loved is Blue Tees now has a program called Trade Up, which if you have purchased earlier versions, they will give you 30% off when you upgrade to the newest version.  

As far as first impressions go, Blue Tees has done a very nice job with their packaging.  The box and package have a very quality and substantial feel to it.  The experience of opening feels more “expensive” than previous versions and similar to when you open up the latest iPhone.  

The package comes with the Rangefinder, carrying case, 3 extra batteries, lanyard and carabiner, a useful microfiber cloth to clean as well as instructions.  

One of the first things you notice is that the included carrying case has a bit of a unique design. Instead of being a traditional canvas case with an elastic strap, it’s a more rubberized case with a magnetic clasp.

Let’s dive into some of the newest features of the Series 3 Max.  

For a while, the company offered a magnetic strap accessories so you could mount the rangefinder to your cart.  This was solved as the Max 3 is now magnetic and you are able to mount directly with your cart.  

Next is the feature they are calling auto-ambient display.  This feature basically will automatically adjust the color of the display from black to red to contrast the lighting conditions which makes the display very easy to read.  

The Series 3 Max now has a “Slope Toggle” which makes turning the slope functionality on & off as easy as pressing the switch so you can use it during tournaments and is USGA legal.

Not that it matters a ton, but the range of the Series 3 has leveled up to 900 yards versus the 800 yards of previous versions.  Finally, the display has gotten an enhancement as the previous version was considered HD, the Series 3 Max offers a 4K display.  

Blue Tees has upped the performance, materials, and quality all while maintaining an impressively low price.

So where can the Series 3 improve for their next generation?  I would say for the price, this is an amazing value of a Rangefinder, but where the product could slightly improve is around the display and optics.  The more expensive rangefinders out there in the $400-$500 price point have some amazing display’s.  To me this isn’t anything that I worry about and is a bit nitpicky, but someone who has used one of the expensive rangefinders in the past will notice a slight drop off.  

The S3 Max is currently on sale for $259, but as mentioned previously, use my Promo Code “GOLFWEEKLY” (One word/all caps) for 10% off your order.  They offer a no-hassle money back guarantee 

Have you tried out the new Series 3 Max from Blue Tees?  If so, we would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

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