The Best New Golf Apparel Brands of 2021

Just as last year’s review on new golf apparel, you won’t find common household names like Nike, Adidas, G/FORE, or Under Armour on this list.  We selected new apparel brands who are just entering the golf market, gaining a ton of notoriety, or new golf apparel manufacturers who we love for 2021.  As golf’s popularity continues to rise, there will be a need for more styles, materials, and fits to cater to the variety of players entering the game.  Let’s check out our favorite new apparel brands for 2021.

Mizzen + Main

The brand started in making performance dress shirts and has recently started adding golf apparel to their portfolio of products.  When you see Phil Mickelson wearing a long sleeve button down dress shirt on the course, he is wearing a Mizzen + Main shirt.  Mickelson teamed up with Mizzen + Main to launch a new line of amazing polo’s that we have worn and tried out.  The polo’s offer performance technology that is very stretchy, and ultra soft.  One of the first things we noticed was how fast this polo will dry when you sweat on a hot day.  The Polyester & Spandex mix offers 30 UPF and is also anti-microbial.  The brand also has some amazing pullovers and hoodies or when you are playing in cooler weather.  Their pants are lightweight, comfortable and most importantly flexible.  We have worn all of their different styles and love how these products fit. 


Yeah the behemoth Yoga apparel company makes some pretty incredible golf clothes now.  It’s a natural transition for Lululemon from Yoga to golf with breathable, flexible, and moisture wicking fabric.  Their golf line includes shorts, pants, polo’s and socks.  Like their yoga line, they use amazing materials and textiles to achieve an amazing & durable fit, and moisture wicking to keep you cool.  Like most of their yoga apparel, LuluLemon polo’s are very basic in their look, but extremely technical at the same time and come in 4 styles with a ton of colors to choose from.  They run a bit slim in fit, so if you are looking for a loose and baggy fit, look elsewhere.  Their shorts and pants are also some of the most comfortable we have ever worn.  The shorts come in a 7”, 9” or 11” inseam and are perfect for playing 18, or a Summer BBQ.  The pants are great for a more formal course, cooler weather, and are stretchy to keep you flexible during your swing.  They are great for both on the course, but also look professional enough to wear in the office.  

William Murray

Created by actor Bill Murray and his brothers who were raised in North Chicago and all started caddying at a young age.  Their love of golf, fun personality, push to make the game less “Stuffy” comes out in their line.  The William Murray line includes golf pieces as well as lifestyle clothing options.  Their clothing line is for the lighthearted golfer who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and loves to have fun while playing a round with friends.  Their polo’s offer some very playful and fun designs, and provide some great underlying technology as well.  Their moisture wicking fabrics will keep you dry during your round, they are wrinkle resistant, and also offer sun protection of UPF50+.  The William Murray Classic shorts & pants have a unique 5th pocket and back pocket detail that is subtle, but also makes a statement.  The brand also offers ¼ zip pullovers that are much more basic in their designs.  All in all, we love what the actor and his brothers have come up with and are excited to try these pieces out.  


The Made is USA lifestyle and activewear brand recently found their way into the Golf apparel vertical.  LIke Lululemon, this was a natural progression for their business as their fabrics and apparel is built for comfort, flexibility, and performance.  Their flagship Delta Pique Polo is very versatile and lightweight polo for the serious golfer or weekend warrior.  The Delta Polo is packed with subtle features that you will love like their anti-odor, UPF30 and cooling technology fabrics, hidden button down collar, rubberized buttons, and anti-chafing seems.  They offer some amazing pants and shorts as well such as their Commuter collection.  The Rhone Commuter collection is very similar to the LuluLemon ABC Pant/Short collection.  The Commuter collection is flexible, cooling, and the pants are great for the office, or the golf course.  

One last brand we definitely wanted to mention was:

Lovo Golf

The golf industry doesn’t have many purpose driven brands, but we found Lovo Golf who donates 10% of their profits to Charity:  Water.  Charity:  Water brings fresh water to those in need across the globe.  So far the line consists of only 6 bright and fun polos that you can feel good about, knowing you are helping others.  

There you have it!  We hope you enjoyed the list and don’t forget to comment below on your favorite new golf brands.  

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