The Best Golf Shoe Releases For 2021

Welcome everyone back to Golf Weekly where each week we dive into the latest golf gear, technology, apparel, and experiences.  This week we jump into the Golf shoes we are most excited about this year and why you should be too.   

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For our 2nd annual blog post on Golf Shoes, we compiled a list of 8 different golf shoes (listed in no particular order) that you should be excited about this year.  Every year Golf Shoe manufacturers come out with new features or technology for their shoes.  We’ll walk you through what’s new this year and why it matters.  Let’s dive in.  

Under Armour Speith 5 SL:  

Until this year, the Spieth golf shoes have been spiked. The 2021 Spieth 5-SL gets rid of the spikes and joins the popular spikeless trend.  These include a 3D-molded footbed for improved fit and less slip and a HOVR outsole foam which Under Armour claims to get you more connected with the ground without losing energy transfer in your swing.  Under Armour also constructed a waterproof membrane as well as a heel that will lock your foot into the shoe so you can’t “swing out of your shoes”.  The Speith 5 team had performance in mind when creating the shoe.  Every detail is to make the shoe perform best, such as the lugs/spikes on the bottom of the sole that suction onto the ground to keep you stable during your swing.  The Speith 5 SL offers great traction, stability and overall comfort and should be on your list if you’re buying a new spikeless shoe.  The shoe costs $200, comes with a two-year waterproof warranty and comes in one color option.  

Cuater The Ringer:

A highly anticipated golf shoe from the Travis Mathews brand Cuater this year is the Ringer.  Worn by the likes of John Rahm, the Ringer is an amazing combination of classic aesthetic and functionality.  Like every golf shoe, people will have different feelings about the look, but the comfort and performance of the Ringer will go toe-to-toe with anything we have tried.  The Ringer also gives casual golfers superior comfort and breathability without an enormous price tag, yet offers the serious golfer performance and durability they expect from a top echelon shoe .  The Ringer features a waterproof upper to ensure that your feet stay dry in bad weather or early morning rounds. The midsole and insole are created with lightweight, breathable SweetSpot fabric that create a comfortable platform to walk on and swing in.  The Ringer is one of the most well-balanced golf shoes we have reviewed with its blend of lightweight materials and the full spike system that make the shoe appeal to golfers of almost any type.  The Ringer comes in 3 colors and will come in at $200.00

ECCO Biom H4

ECCO hit a home run with the BIOM H3 last year, and we believe they hit a grand slam with the Biom H4.  If you want a golf shoe with sophisticated technology, but a sleek shoe you can wear at happy hour after 18, then you are looking in the right place.  The ECCO M BIOM® H4 is made in durable leather with a GORE-TEX waterproof technology to keep your feet dry even in wet conditions. The outsole and midsole feature new proprietary technology that will hug your foot and will keep your feet stable regardless of how fast your swing speed.  The elevated appearance and understated design will ensure you look good on and off the course.  The BIom H4 offers a removable and washable proprietary inlay sole for long-term cushioning and breathability.  The ECCO Biom H4 comes in 4 different color options, and costs around $200.00

Adidas ZG21

With one of the most anticipated shoe releases this season, and over two years in the making,  Adidas sought out the advice of their tour players, the likes of Xander Schauffele, Sergio Garcia, Collin Morikawa and the world no.1 Dustin Johnson to help create the ZG21. Adidas claims that the ZG21 is around 20 percent lighter than the brand’s previous spiked shoes. The ZG21 features adidas’ renowned Boost cushioning system, and is significantly lighter than many similarly priced shoes.  The shoes offer a sleek design we have come to expect from Adidas and is loaded with new technology.  Their new “Lightstrike” cushioning is considered 40% lighter than anything else on the market while also providing superb shock absorption.  The outer “Sprintskin” is lightweight and waterproof with a 1 year warranty made of proprietary textiles and films.  The Swingplane Traction outsole on the shoe has been inspired by heat-map studies and runs from heel to toe. In Adidas’ research, they target these areas and place the maximum amount of traction where it’s needed most.   The ZG21 is also trying to be more environmentally conscious with their manufacturing process, as the shoes are made with recycled content. The Adidas ZG21 shoes comes in 7 different color options and will come in at $180.  

Footjoy Premier Series:

What do you get when you combine old school & classic designs with modern technology & performance?  You get the Footjoy Premier Series.  If you love the classic look, then this shoe which is constructed with Hand-selected, premium full grain leather is perfect for you.  Many of today’s shoes just look like athletic shoes, and to be honest, don’t look great.  The Premier looks like it would be heavy and bulky, but in fact they are fairly light.  Let’s talk about the performance with the Premiere Series being equipped with low profile spikes that deliver stability and support from the moment you step foot onto the course.  On the inside an OrthoLite EcoPlush Fit-Bed® to ensure all-day underfoot comfort. OrthoLite does not take a set, so the cushioning will remain the same for the life of the shoe.  The Premier Series offers a 2 year waterproof Guarantee.  FootJoy warrants that this golf shoe will be 100% waterproof in normal use for two years (U.S. Warranty).  The Footjoy Premier series comes in 3 standard colors, but you can actually customize your own pair for an additional fee.  The standard options come in at $200.00

True Linkswear True Knit 2

After the extremely successful launch of the Linkswear True Knit, back by popular demand is the Knit II.  The Knit 2 is your athletic sneaker golf shoe with very lightweight knit that is breathable and extremely comfortable.  The fit is like a sock on your foot, similar to many knit workout shoes.  The 10% spandex gives you a little stretch, but won’t let you slip when swinging.  The Knit is also water and oil repellent but I wouldn’t wear these if you walk in morning when there is a lot of dew or if your forecast expects rain.  The midsole coined “Wanderlux” is considered one of the best on the market and will keep your feet comfortable.  We tried out the original True Linkswear True Knit, and are excited to try these out as well.  The True Linkswear Knit II comes in 4 different color options, and costs an affordable $140.00 


Worn by the likes of Brandt Snedeker and Chez Reavie, the MG4+ is the next iteration of the popular MG4 shoe from G/FORE.  Some shoes just have a wow factor and the MG4+ is one of them.  First off, they look different from most shoes on the market, with bold colors and patterns.  The MG4+ is also waterproof on the upper, and you can also take out the insoles and wash them in the washing machine.  The 3D molded heel cup on the exterior will keep your feet from slipping regardless of swing speed.  The shoe offers a responsive midsole and sidewall to keep your feet comfortable for 18, 36 and beyond.  Finally, the MG4+ has a rubber non-slip sawtooth traction to keep you sure footed throughout your swing.  As of this recording, the MG4+ comes in 8 color options to choose from and will cost you about $225.00

Finally, from our perspective you can’t have a list like this and not include a Golf Shoe from Nike, so we will end our list with Rory McIlroy’s new shoe, the Air Zoom Victory Tour 2.  Nike released the shoe in April of this year and Rory was with the design team every step of the way since 2019.  The new Victory 2 features a new one-piece, lightweight upper of full-grain leather and an internal strap stretching over the foot to lock it in during your golf swing.  With ideas borrowed from the Air Zoom Infinity Tour, a Zoom Air unit is stitched directly to the upper instead of being set in foam.  A full-length plate improves energy return and stability, a concept found in Nike running products.  A Hybrid outsole design combines integrated traction with 7 removable spikes for optimal gripping power.  Nike React foam is also featured under the heel and it delivers an extremely smooth ride.  The Victory 2 also provides a 2-year waterproof warranty to keep your feet dry regardless of weather.  As of this recording the Air Zoom Victory 2 will run $180 and comes in 2 color options.  

What golf shoes are you most excited about being released this year?  Let us know in the comments below.  

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