Review of The LagShot

Welcome back everyone to Golf Weekly where each week we dive into the latest golf gear, technology, apparel, and experiences.  Today we are diving into a product that has been all over Social Media, and promoted by PGA Professionals, Influencers, and PGA Instructors.  Today we are going to be reviewing the LagShot.  

We have taken notice of the many different promotions of the LagShot and wanted to try one out ourselves.  With a claim of “The Only PGA Tour Approved Training Device”, creates effortless lag, provides perfect tempo & timing and provides more distance & better accuracy.  We’ve heard these claims before so we had our reservations.  The biggest draw of the LagShot is that it hopefully will allow you to improve on your own while practicing with it.  Let’s review what we found out after using it.  

The LagShot is essentially a weighted 7-iron with a blue shaft that is extremely flexible & whippy.  We immediately opened the box and started taking turns swinging the club.  We immediately fled to the range to get some live swings in to see how the LagShot felt hitting balls.  Everyone and their first few shots were absolutely terrible.  The feeling was completely new to all of us, but we did get a sense of immediate feedback while swinging.  It took us probably 30-40 swings to start to get the hang of hitting balls, but we started to actually keep golf balls within the range.  One of my favorite things about the LagShot is that you definitely cannot rush the club load at the top.  I struggle with being too quick at the top of my backswing and I was forced to be patient and keep my tempo consistent.  

Each of us started to get the hang of hitting balls with the LagShot, so we started to mix in our normal 7 irons to see if we saw improvement in our swing, tempo, and contact.  I think all of us were surprised that we were able to see any sort of improvement, but the instant feedback of the LagShot almost forces your body to understand how to get into better swing positions.  The LagShot almost forces you to load the club perfectly, and generate quite a bit of lag at the same time.  

Here is our final synopsis of the LagShot:

What the LagShot helps you with is to develop a sense of timing, rhythm, and balance.  Also, a feeling of the weight of the club swinging around your body and providing really good feedback.  The LagShot has the perfect amount of whip where you can make your normal swing with your regular clubhead speed, and get that instant feedback while hitting range balls.  You are definitely going to learn something about golf swing just from swinging the LagShot.  It’s naturally going to put you in a better sequence when you learn how to make good contact and swing naturally.  

If you want to try one out for yourself, the company offers a 30 Day money-back guarantee so it’s worth a shot if you struggle with tempo, timing, and ball striking.  The LagShot comes in both left-handed and right-handed, comes with a video training series, and you can pick one up for $119 through this link.

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