Our Favorite New Products From The 2021 PGA Merchandise Show


What’s Up, Everyone!  Welcome back to golf weekly and thanks for spending your time with us.  We have a special treat for you today.  We recently attended the virtual 2021 PGA Merchandise Show and got to meet a ton of great folks from many different companies who showcased their new product releases this year.  Today we jump in and will showcase the products we are most excited about this year.  

The PGA Merchandise Show normally takes place in person, but because of everything going on in the world right now, the 2021 PGA Merchandise show was 100% virtual.  Regardless we met a lot of great people and saw a ton of awesome products you should be excited about this year.  Ok let’s dive in!  

We broke our list out into categories:

Training Devices


Golf Balls






We will start off our list with Training:



This is a great new discovery for me this year. While it’s not exactly a groundbreaking product, it’s a perfect combination of a lot of different products we found ourselves needing and wanting. Part swing aid and part tripod, the Scratch Stick is a product you should be on the lookout for.


Sometimes the best products are the simplest.  With the Endswate training device, you simply slip the product on top of the grip and go practice at the range and you will start to see results immediately with counterweight science that has been used by the likes of Jack Nicklaus.  


Wellputt mats are designed to improve putting skills for all golfers. Their mats are extremely real feeling and you will have many different markings to work on your putting speed.  Oh and approved by Jordan Speiths golf coach:  Cameron McCormick.  Available now, if you have trouble putting, go get yourself one and turn those 3 putts into birdies.


Their practice station is what caught our eye.  The molded alignment guides on the stance mat combine with slots for included rods to help guide ball position, alignment, and swing path and help prevent swaying in the swing.  The 300,000 shot guarantee and the real feel of the grass will keep you practicing all year round.


I love this product because personally, I struggle with pacing my putts.  The Puttist is a digital putting meter, so there is no hole you are putting at.  You are strictly working on your pace to get muscle memory for what each putt length should feel like.  The product goes up to 50 FT and will definitely help you get rid of those 3 putts.  

Let’s move on to Apparel:


Mizzen & Main:  

The Phil Mickelson performance collection is such an amazing feeling polo, and their Fairway collection Hoodies are keeping up with the Golf Hoodie movement.  Once I tried their button down shirts, that is now all I wear for work.  Check them out.

Original Penguin Golf:  

The company redesigned it’s golf apparel and they did a tremendous job with the look and feel of their golf apparel.  I particularly like the look of their Golfer Earl Polo.  If you haven’t looked at them in a while, give Penguin another shot.  They will pleasantly surprise you with their fit, feel, and fabrics.  

Puma Golf:  CloudSpun

A proprietary fabric to PUMA, CLOUDSPUN delivers an ultra-soft feel with four-way stretch, moisture-wicking and all the performance needed to play 18. PUMA’s Collection of CLOUDSPUN polos and layering pieces are some of the softest, most lightweight, breathable, stretchiest fabrics on the market.

Boston Scott: 

Boston Scott Golf is focused on finding the perfect fit for golf shirts with a distraction-less wear and clean finish. The shirts taper slightly at the waist to help the hem stay tucked in and are designed with a little extra space in the armpit for more mobility and less squeeze.

Golf Balls:

Bridgestone:  e12 Golf Balls

The new Bridgestone e12 CONTACT offers something new to the golf ball world with the Force dimple, which features a unique structure with a raised area in the center and an outer portion that slows horizontal rotation during flight. The raised area allows for 38% more contact with the clubface at impact than traditional dimples.  I personally am really excited to try these out.  

Let’s check out the new Golf Kicks for 2021



The Footjoy Hyperflex and Footjoy Premier Series really Caught our eye: The Hyperflex features innovative materials like the engineered mesh upper and looks really cool too.  The Footjoy Premier Series is a modern reimagining of their vintage designs, supercharged with technology and innovation, developed with the world’s best players.  Be on the lookout for these new models from Footjoy in March. 


The Fasten8 Shoe features an all-new Fasten8 PWRStrap Fit System and re-engineered PWRCage, this shoe offers increased support, a lockdown feel, and all-day comfort.  Also, the Puma Delta which is Ricky Fowler’s new shoe debuts this year details to come on that.

Skechers Elite Tour SL: 

Year after year Skechers puts out great shoes at an affordable price.  The Tour SL Features Premium full-grain leather upper, lightweight, responsive cushioning, and the Skechers GOGA MAX® Technology insole for high-rebound cushioning.  I just got a pair of these and can’t wait to try them out.


FTI Brand Golf Erasers: 

We’ve all used that metal, prickly brush for years, maybe even decades…so it’s no surprise to say that innovation was needed.  FTI Brands created GolfERASERS to solve this problem and give you a better option to improve how you clean your clubs on the course. They make a variety of cleaning products for golfers, but their GolfErasers clean your clubs, and come with a bag tag that hooks directly to your bag with 6 discs to help you clean your clubs and balls throughout your round.  


The manufacturer of golf accessories uses 100% genuine premium leather for their products.  They make custom club covers, bags, scorecard holders and more.  Created by golf enthusiasts for golf enthusiasts, check them out.  You’ll be glad you did.  

Yatta Golf TELOS Tee: 

If you have ever wondered if you vary the heights of your tee when hitting a drive then Telos Tees are a perfect solution for you.  With 7 adjustable height settings for their “stopper” discs, players can find their sweet spot every single time they tee up, greatly reducing the likelihood of teeing the ball too high or too low.  TELOS Tees will last 150-300 shots on average.  I just received my shipment of these and am excited to try them out.


The company who is well known for GPS watches and shot tracking technology came out with a rangefinder that will rival the premium brands.  Slope technology, Black & Red Dual optics and target lock vibration all are included in this piece of technology.  We are excited to try it out.  (PS we will be doing a full review video on this product and will be having another giveaway contest opportunity).  


Especially right now in a global pandemic, we need more to do inside.  We love the PhiGolf WGT edition which is part video game and part golf simulator.  You use your real golf swing instead of playing with your fingers on a screen. You can even play for real on world-famous golf courses with the Phigolf swing stick and 9-Axis 3D swing sensor. The avatar on-screen mirrors your swing in real-time! Play a round of golf remotely with friends and family wherever they are in the world!

Altaz Rangefinder w/ Viewfinder: 

Altaz USA’s new rangefinder is the first of its kind, with an external flip-out LED screen designed to be held like a digital camcorder. With the consumer’s comfort in mind, its 3” LED screen allows any golfer to easily determine the distance to a target without removing eyeglasses or squinting, unlike most rangefinders on the market. Retail: $350


Golf Skate Caddie:  Tourer

The golf cart single rider movement continues with the Golf Skate Caddie Tourer.  The Tourer is a lighter, smaller and more compact single rider scooter that holds your bag in front of you while you enjoy your smooth ride on 4 wheels.  The electric scooter plugs in to charge, just like a phone and will last more than enough time for a round of 18.  

The Fast Growing Segment of Consumables:

TrueScore Golf: 

A wellness product line that is created specifically for golfers.  They offer CBD and Non-CBD wellness products to help with pain relief, focus, energy, and reduce anxiety.  They 

Atwell CBD: 

The same leadership group that built and sold Muscle Milk, Atwell CBD brings amazing quality control to the CBD industry.  They triple test their products to make sure the quality is up to their standards.  They offer all sorts of products that can help with pain, anxiety and many other applications.  We have personally tried their products and absolutely recommend using them.  


I don’t know about you, but I love having a cool refreshing adult beverage (or 2) when playing golf.  LinksDrinks offers exactly that.  The Transfusion cocktail is the golf club classic you know and love!  Made with Vodka, Ginger Ale and Grape Juice.  For years golfers have looked forward to this drink at the turn or in the clubhouse.  Launched in July 2019, Links Drinks has created a Ready to Drink Transfusion cocktail in a can! 

There you have it! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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