The Best Virtual Golf Instructors Part 2: Female Edition

Welcome again to Golf Weekly, where each week we check out the latest in golf technology, equipment, apparel, and experiences.  This week we finish our 2 part series on our favorite digital golf instructors with the female group.  

Just like in Part 1 of our series, there are many amazing Female golf instructors, but these next few are considered the best of the best.  Remember that this list is about the Virtual experience, so Top LPGA Instructors who don’t have a virtual presence definitely won’t make the list.  

When investigating content for this series, I have to admit that I was shocked by the vast differences in search results.  When searching for Females Golf Instructors, the first results came up as “Sexiest Golfers” or the “Hottest Golfers”.  These Female Golf Instructors have incredible talent and I would hope in the future that if someone is searching for “female golf instructors” that these talented golf educators get the respect and top-ranking search results they deserve. 

We will start off our list with

Trillium Rose:  

One of the best online women’s instructors. Her Instagram channel is the place to start, where she uploads tons of swing tip videos on a near-daily basis.  Trillium Rose specializes in diagnosing swings, designing appropriate practice drills, and developing clear and concise practice plans. With over a decade of experience teaching golf, she has trained thousands of students. Her research-based training approach combines three critical areas of competency: mechanics, competitive practice, and play.

Her Instagram has over 22,000 followers and she has some great tips and drills for free, but as you would assume offers paid lessons.  

Alison Curdt:

The Southern California Native is the 2015 LPGA National Teacher of the year, Golf DIgests Best Young Teacher in America, and Golf Magazines Top 8 Teachers to Watch.  Alison has around 5,000 Instagram followers and should have many more.  She is a PGA Master Professional in Instruction and LPGA Master Professional and is only 1 of 9 women to achieve this credential and only 1 of 2 women to have the title of Master in both organizations.  

Alison played her golf at Florida State and has 31 years of Golf Competition in her background.  What you get from Alison’s lessons is a customized student-centered approach.  She has a Doctorate in Psychology w/ a Sports Psychology emphasis, so she will be able to really work with you on your physical aspects and mental aspects of your game.  She offers a ton of great (and free) tips and drills on her social media channels so make sure to give her a follow.  

Erika Larkin: 

Born and raised in Queens, NY, Erika was mentored at a young age by a PGA pro named Frank Darby.  She earned a collegiate scholarship to James Madison.  In 2010 she founded the Larkin Golf Learning Community at Stonewall Golf Club in Gainesville, Virginia where business grew for her.  Erika has over 32,000 Instagram followers and she posts a ton of great tips and drills to help with your game.  She has a very simple instruction style and will teach you how to use the simple laws of physics to create an efficient motion without tension, manipulation or mechanical thoughts. Erika wrote a book in 2016 called the True Swing.  The book is full of practical ideas and concepts and how to build your own True Swing.  We’ll link this book in the description below.  Erika has many appearances on the Golf Channel, and she has been featured in Golf Digest.  Larkin has been named Golfs Teachers to Watch and Best Teacher by Golf Digest.  Larkin provides a few different types of virtual lessons where you can bring her to the range where she jumps on a Zoom call with you while you practice and provides feedback, tips, and drills to work on.  Or you can upload your swing to her profile on the CoachNow app and she will provide feedback there.  We’ll link her website and social handle in the description below.  

Christina Ricci:  Get More Pars

Christina and her GetMorePars brand has over 40,000 Youtube Subscribers and 7,500 Instagram followers.  Ricci is a PGA and LPGA Class A Member, Titleist Performance Institute (TPI): Golf Level 3, Power Level 2 & Fitness Level 2 Performance Coach coaching adults of all skill levels.  She published her first book A Girl’s On-Course Survival Guide to Golf in 2008 and never looked back. She currently has 30 plus game-improvement products, hosts national golf camps and teaches locally at the beautiful Atkinson Resort & Country Club located in Atkinson New Hampshire, 45 minutes north of Boston. She’s been featured on the cover of GolfTips magazine and her popular golf tips are featured on the Golf Channel her Get More Pars Youtube Channel and online portals such as as well as the LPGA Women’s Network.  Christina’s “Get More Pars” app provides simple and easy-to-understand instruction for about $25.00 per month.  

Some other great female instructors that we definitely wanted to mention are

“> Cheryl Anderson of Mike Bender Academy who is a top instructor named by Golf Digest.  Cherly works with Mike Bender who was mentioned in our previous video and she has been featured on the Golf Channel and has videos right on her website.  

Paige Spiranac is one of the most widely known golf personalities and professionals around the golf world.  She has a huge social media following, but she has some great content as it turns out she is a damn good golfer.  Her spot “Quickies with Paige” featured on her Instagram channel are really helpful and she breaks down difficult shots and how she approaches them.  

We would love to hear from you in the comments below on which Female instructors you follow and why.  

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