Kepel Golf Review

Welcome again to Golf Weekly, where each week we check out the latest in golf technology, equipment, apparel, and experiences.  This week we share a quick video on one of our favorite new golf brands, Kepel Golf. Make sure to read until the end as we have secured an awesome deal for you.

Let’s dive into Kepel

The company’s official debut was in May of 2020, and in a short time we have they blown up with completely selling out 3 pre-order batches. The company strives to provide the perfect balance of aesthetic appeal and performance, so you’ll look good and play good.  Kepel launched with premium golf gloves and has added men’s golf polo and golf balls to their portfolio of products.  

Kepel gloves use high-end cabretta leather which provides a high-end feel and features very non-standard designs by artists.  Customers are already becoming very loyal to the brand and are willing to wait while new product is being produced.   Reggie Bush, a former NFL legend has been spotted sporting the Kepel brand. 

We got our hands on a few and wanted to show you a few of their 13 glove designs live and in person.  The first thing you notice is the feel of these gloves.  I wear an XL on my left hand and it fits perfectly snug across all my fingers and thumb.  The closure also feels extremely durable and the slight elasticity in the wrist is a nice feature also.  You can tell the company takes pride in its manufacturing process, and that these are not produced in bulk.  

The Polo’s are every bit as impressive as their golf gloves, and they were so popular the company sold out immediately.  The Polo’s are super breathable and stretchy which will help keep you loose while on the course.  I like how they have minimal branding on the polo’s with a small pocket Logo and on the side of the sleeve.  They started with 4 designs and will be manufacturing another run very soon!

Kepel has also gotten into golf balls, socks, tees and are expanding their line to quarterly.  Check these guys out and we’ll link their website and information in the description below.  As promised:  Use GWEEKLY for 15% off your order! 

Send us a note in the comments if you have tried out the Kepel brand, and we would love to hear your feedback!

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