Blue Tees Rangefinder Review

What’s up golf world, welcome back to Golf Weekly where each week we check out the latest in golf technology, equipment, apparel, and experiences.  This week we share a quick video on one of our favorite new Rangefinder Golf Brands:  Blue Tees Golf.  

Just in the last year, we have tested over a dozen rangefinders, so when we see a good or bad one, we definitely realize it pretty quick.  The Rangefinder market continues to add new manufacturers every year so it’s safe to say that your options are expanding.  If you are on Social Media you have probably seen advertisements for Blue Tees Rangefinders.  All the largest Golf Personalities and Influences have put one of the Blue Tees Rangefinders in their hands.  

Four friends wanted to change the fact that inexpensive usually means a crappy product.  So they created & designed a quality rangefinder that won’t break the bank.  So we wanted to test these out on our Golf trip to Greyhawk in Scottsdale, AZ.  We tried out 3 different models:  Series 1 Sport, Series 2, and Series 2 Pro Slope.  At around a $200 price point, we wanted to see if these can stand up to the more expensive brands.  Please note that we will link all products in the description below.  

Before we dive into the actual product, one thing I love about this company is that they offer a 60-Day no-questions-asked guarantee and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.  So you can try this out with peace of mind that you can always return yours if you don’t love it.  All of Blue Tees rangefinders are water-resistant and offer up to an 800-yard range.  Another little added bonus is that they come with batteries included.  I hate when products come without batteries, and the Series 2 options come with an extra battery.

Blue Tees Series 1 Sport

The first Rangefinder we tried was the Series 1 Sport.  At the $150 price point, I wasn’t expecting anything amazing from a feature perspective.  You open up the box at the presentation is great with a carrying case, lanyard and carabiner.  Once I got on the course, the Series 1 Sport was very simple to point, shoot, and lock onto the target.  You can work in both Yards and Meters, and the Series 1 gives you a small vibration once you lock onto the pin or whatever mark you are shooting.  Featuring continuous arc technology, the system automatically takes into account the incline/decline to give you the true distance between you and your target.  If you are trying out a rangefinder vs a GPS watch for the first time, this is a great option, and I was pleasantly surprised by the feel and performance of the Series 1 Sport.  

Blue Tees Series 2

The next Rangefinder from Blue Tees we tried out was the Series 2.  The Series 2 is at a $180 price point, so again, we wanted to see if Blue Tees could hold up to the premium rangefinder models.  When you open the box, you can instantly tell this is a step up from the Series 1.  The canvas case has a nice and durable feeling and looks great aesthetically as well.  Included in the case are the instructions, lanyard, and carabiner.  

The Series 2 also had a nice feel as the gray portion is a silicone-based rubber grip.  The Series 2 is tournament legal without slope so you can use this model in competitive play.  Just like Series 1, You can work in both Yards and Meters, and Series 2 gives you a small vibration once you lock onto the target. A major upgrade on the Series 2 are the 3 modes that it offers.  

  • Mode 1: Scan – This will allow you to scan a scene and watch the distance change dynamically as you move across the landscape. 
  • Mode 2: Golf – Point it at the pin, and it will give you a distance and vibrate when it finds the flag.
  • Mode 3: Speed –  This is a mode to track the speed of the ball. We tried this a few times and were able to track ball speeds off the tee.  Pretty interesting feature.  

I also just generally like the look of the Series two with the gray color accent.  To me this feels like the product should be in the $300-$400 range.  

Blue Tees Series 2 Pro

Finally, we tried out the Blue Tees Series 2 Pro.  The Series 2 Pro offers slope technology.  The feel factor of this rangefinder is that of a $500 piece of technology at a $200 price point.  The Series 2 Pro has the same 3 modes, but as mentioned before has the slope technology built-in.  We love how this thing locks onto your target with some advanced technology and will give you an accurate reading to make sure you leverage the right club for your shot.  You can use the Series 2 Pro in competition, but you will need to disable the slope functionality, which you can do.  

Blue Tees Magnetic Strap

Blue Tees also just came out with this handy little magnetic strap that you wrap around your Rangefinder.  This allows you to mount the rangefinder on any metal surface on your cart.  This is just a great idea and even if you don’t use a Blue Tees rangefinder, if your current model doesn’t have magnetic functionality, you should grab one of these as they are on sale now for $32.00.

The only trouble we had with these rangefinders, (being completely fair that most rangefinders have the same issue) is that you cannot shoot through a golf cart windshield.  The technology just isn’t set up to travel through the windshield.  Just get your butt up out of the cart and this problem is solved.  

All in all, we were impressed by BlueTees.  The price point made us very hesitant to even try them out, but being pleasantly surprised is a good thing, and we’ll recommend these as a great option for any golfer.  

We would love to hear from you if you have tried out BlueTees and let us know your thoughts.  

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