The Top Male Digital Golf Instructors

2020 has been the year of the virtual experience because of everything going on in the world.  Virtual meetings, Virtual Doctor visits, Virtual Schooling.  So we figured we would try to provide as much value on the final days of 2020 and break down our list of our favorite Male and Female Digital Golf Instructors.  We’ll start out with our favorite male digital golf instructors to help you with your game.  

Now keep in mind this list is made up of people who will absolutely help your game virtually just by following their social media channels and jumping on their respective websites.  There are a ton of amazing instructors out there, but we believe these next 4 are the best of the best.  

Rick Shiels:

The United Kingdom native recently surpassed 1 Million Youtube Subscribers and is currently the most subscribed to golf instructor on Youtube.  Rick’s videos have over 300,000,000 views collectively and it’s easy to see why.  The 34-Year-old PGA pro started posting videos on golf equipment reviews and 9 years later is a Golf Social Media legend with his Youtube channel, Podcast, and Instagram.  His videos come in a few different flavors:  how to fix common problems like a slice, using crazy and sometimes illegal equipment, or having celebrity guests featured on his channel.  If you want a combination of helpful tips, equipment reviews, then this is a great follow on any of his social media channels.  

George Gankas:

The Southern California native is one of, if not the hottest golf instructors on the planet.  Gankas has been hailed as the “future of golf” not only for his achievements but also for his captivating & magnetic personality that will make the golf lesson an enjoyable experience.  His in-person lessons can cost from $500-$1000 per hour.  His California vibe comes out while he teaches in flip flops, board shorts, and most of his students will be nicknamed “Dude or bro”.  Some of his students rip up the PGA tour such as Adam Scott, Padraig Harrington, and phenom Matthew Wolfe.  His no-nonsense approach to teaching is appreciated by his students, and his 250,000 Instagram followers appreciate all his free tips when he puts up videos of some of his lessons.  Gankas also invented the GBox which is a golf training aid to really help the golfer complete a full turn and use the ground to gain more swing speed.  Gankas also created the Online Golf Academy which is an online platform to help you play better golf with a guided curriculum and direct feedback on your golf swing which will cost you $49.00 per month.  

Me & My Golf:  

Started by PGA pros Piers Ward and Andy Proudman who both are from a town named Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom.  If you like simple, yet very powerful instruction, then Me & My Golf is going to be a great fit for you.  Their Youtube Channel has over 700,000 subscribers and almost 400,000 Instagram followers.  Their most popular videos are around hitting the golf ball straighter and how to hit your irons and driver better.  Ward and Proudman also are featured on the Golf Channel for instruction.  The team has also put together many different virtual golf instruction packages for whatever your game needs to focus on:  Putting, Chipping, Irons, or fixing that nasty slice.  Another aspect the team focuses on is Golf fitness, and providing exercise tips and programs to help your golf game.  If you sign up to their email list on the Me&MyGolf Website, you will receive 5 free golf videos to get an idea if you like their instruction style (which we assume you will) and they even offer a 7 Day free trial of their instruction.  

Mike Bender:

The #3 Ranged Golf Instructor by Golf Digest, Mike Bender runs the Mike Bender Golf Academy in Lake Mary, Florida.  Mike and the team are known for their streaming of lessons to their Instagram audience.  If you follow his Instagram, you will have countless video instruction snippets from when he is teaching his students live.  You’ll see helpful videos on the golf shaft lean at impact, hip rotation, backswing path, and many other swing topics.  The feel of Mike’s content is that you are sitting with him during a live lesson.  He’ll break down, and show you exactly in great depth what he is looking for you to achieve.  Bender also provides personalized online instructions where he asks you for two 10 second clips where he will break down your swing himself and provide guidance, drills, and technique to help your game.  

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