The Best Electric Pushcarts for 2020

Earlier this year we outlined our favorite push carts for 2020.  This week, we check out the latest innovation in electric push carts and how the market and demand is evolving.  

If you’re part of the vast majority who doesn’t have the luxury of a caddie to carry your bag, you might be happy to learn that electric pushcart technology has evolved to a level that might make you feel like a member at the most luxurious golf club in your area.  The following options we are going to review portray some amazing technology such as the push cart will follow you as you walk, GPS enabled, keeping track of your steps, and much more.  Stay until the end of this video as we have some additional helpful tips to consider when purchasing an electric push-cart.

The three biggest factors to weigh in on when thinking about purchasing an electric push cart are maneuverability, stability, and battery life.  Some models are designed to follow you wherever you go, so if you think that might be a problem at your course think about a remote controlled option.  Stability is important because you will need to find an option that can handle uneven terrain on its own.  Finally, battery life will surface two options led acid or lithium. We found that lithium batteries provide longer running life, and can keep your cart rolling for 27+ holes, but are more expensive.  Let’s jump into our list.

Club Booster V2: 

Club Booster V2 by Alphard Golf turns your normal push cart into a premium electric push cart that can be controlled via remote or follow you via a magnetic smart tether system. It rolls over bumps, goes up and down hills and carries your golf bag through the entire course.  Converting your push cart takes about 15-20 minutes.  Simply remove the existing back wheels and install the included brackets.  Club Booster V2 includes all the features in a premium electric caddy at a fraction of the price. An integrated 6-axis gyroscope detects the terrain of the golf course every 10 milliseconds.  The gyroscope keeps your cart going at the right speeds in the right areas and prevents unwanted deviations or tumbles as you walk the course.  The Club Booster includes an electric parking brake, Distance timer (where you can send your clubs ahead 15 or 30 yards).  The lithium-ion battery is guaranteed to last 500 charging cycles, and is completely weather-proof and water resistant.  There is also an app you can download to your smartphone where you can customize your settings as well as it can act as a backup remote.  The V2 Booster is a great option if you want the electric push cart technology without the price coming in at $800

MotoCaddy M7 Remote:

When it comes to remote controlled electric carts, you would think they are hard to set up, but that is definitely not the case for the M7 remote.  The remote control will make steering this push-cart very simple with 9 different speed settings and can easily switch to manual mode when needed. The MotoCaddy has the ability to maneuver tight turns and offers an extra back wheel to prevent tipping.  A helpful feature for durability of the lithium battery is that it is completely water and dust proof.  The pushcart folds down to surprisingly compact in size, which is great for storage and there is even a kickstand that allows you to store vertically if that’s preferred.  One cool feature is that it also offers a USB port to charge your devices during place.  This particular electric cart does not have a “Follow mode” so if that is something you are looking for, check out other options on this list.  The MotoCaddy M7 offers a ton of accessories to add on to the cart, but the base unit costs $1,500 to take one home.  

MGI Zip Navigator Remote:

The Zip Navigator Remote stops and starts on a dime.  The full directional remote control allows for left, right, forward, reverse and speed control.  It has multiple speed levels and no matter which speed you choose, the rear wheel keeps it balanced. The slim compact design folds down to a small storage size. You can also use it as a fitness tracking device; as the pushcart tells you how far you’ve walked at the end of a round.  The patented Gyroscope Straight Tracker technology keeps the caddy on track across any terrain.  The wheels offer an all terrain tread, and the front wheel swivels for great maneuverability.  The 24 volt lithium ion battery will last a full 2 rounds on a single charge, so it has superb battery life.  MGI Zip Series Electric push carts are ideally suited to fit cart bags so just know that not all stand/carry bags are compatible.  The MGI pushcart, just like the MotoCaddy doesn’t offer a “follow mode” .  The Zip Navigator Remote comes in two different color options and will cost just under $1,500 to take one home.  

Stewart X9 Follow:

The X9 follow is widely considered one of the best electric push carts available on the market today.  As the name dictates, the X9 offers 3 modes:  Manual, Remote, and Follow.  The X9 allows you to walk the fairway hands and worry-free while your golf cart follows two paces behind you. When you’re not on the fairway, simply engage Remote mode and walk straight to your ball: saving energy, time and concentration.  The hands-free modes utilize a Bluetooth connection that you don’t have to fumble around with. It connects quickly with the touch of a button.  When you take the lithium battery out of the box, it will require a charge which takes about 4 hours. The Stewart X9 Follow Electric Cart looks great, and the automated features make the cart a great alternative to paying for a caddy. While the sticker price is a bit pricey it is well worth it if you play often and want to walk.  The Stewart X9 Follow offers 3 color options to choose from, and right now you get a free umbrella holder & drink holder with purchase.  The X9 Follow will cost you $2,500 and financing is available.  

Foresight Sports:  ForeCaddy

The Forecaddy is a smart electric golf push cart manufactured by one of the leaders in Golf Simulator Technology.  The Forecaddy comes with four different modes of operation with manual, power assist, remote control, and Follow.  The remote control is sleek and extremely easy to use and control the push cart.  The Forecaddy is easy to bring with you on the go and collapses with the press of two buttons.  The battery life is excellent and lasts for over 2 rounds in a single charge. With accessories like a ball and scorecard holder, phone charger, and more, ForeCaddy turns your “good walk spoiled” into the ideal golfing experience.  The Forecaddy comes in the one color and costs $2,249 to bring one home.  

Tips To Consider:  

  • Even in this relatively new category, there are a variety of features available. As with anything else, look for a cart that gives you what you need without overcharging for features you don’t.
  • Powered push carts with 360-degree rotation wheels make turning on a dime much easier
  • If you are a golfer who uses a stand bag, you’ll want to verify that the cart can hold your bag and remain upright throughout your round.
  • When purchasing an electric push cart, verify the manufacturer has a local or easy to access online distributor. It can make getting your cart repaired or obtaining replacement parts significantly easier.

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