The Best Golf Travel Bags For 2020

Heading on a golf trip soon and looking to upgrade your current Golf Travel Bag?  Or in the market for a great gift idea for the golfer in your life?  Today, we are going to be diving deep in the world of golf travel bags and provide our Top 7 favorite options for 2020…Let’s Dive In!  

When you first start to look for a Golf Travel Bag, you will notice that the biggest difference between the options is the structure of the bag itself.  You will see hard cases  as well as soft cases.  Let’s quickly chat about the pros of both options:

The biggest pros for soft cases is that they are usually less expensive, much easier to transport in your car and around the airport, and then finally they are much less bulky when storing at your house.

The pros for hard cases is that they will offer better protection for your clubs, and because of the size, you can actually use it as additional luggage storage for items such as clothes, shoes, or other personal items that you might have trouble fitting in your suitcase.  

ClubGlove Last Bag Collegiate

Widely regarded as one of the best travel bags money can buy, the Club Glove collegiate is the number one golf travel bag in all of collegiate golf.  The Collegiate is perfect for stand or carry bags.  If you have a large staff bag, ClubGlove has options that will fit your bag.  The bag offers a water-resistant nylon fabric and will last five times longer, and is three-times stronger than your typical nylon bag, with a 1600D ballistic nylon base and single webbing reinforcement on the rear.  Essentially what this means is that unless you try and damage your bag, it will outlast the 5 year warranty.  The collegiate weighs 8 pounds, comes in 23 different color options, and fits up to a 47” driver.  Some other features that are great about this bag is the two exterior shoe, or extra storage pockets, the extremely smooth in-line skate wheels are great for a smooth trip, and we love that the bag is made in the USA.  The ClubGlove Collegiate comes in at $289.00. 

Sun Mountain Clubglider Tour Series:

The first thing you will notice about the Clubglider Tour Series is that it comes with two lower wheels as well as two additional wheels that stand on legs, making the bag free-standing when you’re rolling to and from your destination.  Free standing means hauling your other luggage is much much easier.  The extra legs will extend and retract back in one fluid motion and they will lock to remain flush against the bag when not rolling.  You will seriously be able to pull this bag with just a pinky.  

The bag offers a 52-inch height to accommodate stand and cart bags and has room for extra items inside the main compartment as well as in two extra side pockets. It’s extremely durable as the bag is wrapped with rugged vinyl fabric  which means your clubs will be protected.  The bag does weigh more than most bags coming in at 13 pounds, but most don’t find this to be an issue because it is free-standing.  The Sunmountain Clubglider Tour comes in 2 different color options and you can bring one home for $335.00.  

SKB Deluxe ATA:

The American-made SKB Deluxe is manufactured with molded polyethylene which makes the bag dirt and moisture resistant but also, extremely strong. So strong in fact, that SKB offers $1500 club coverage and a million mile guarantee on the case.  However, with the additional strength comes with a price of a heavier bag coming in at 18 pounds.  You’ll be able to put pretty much any size bag including staff bags in this case, however it works especially well for stand bags and cart bags. The inline skate wheels make wheeling the bag around during travel extremely easy.  There are three locks on the bag and keys are included. A TSA lock is included which is helpful because this bag is a magnet for TSA and will be checked.  This is easily the best hard case golf travel bag on the market.  The SKB Deluxe comes in at $220.00 

OGIO Straight Jacket:

Weighing in at 7.6 pounds, the 50-inch-tall Ogio Straight Jacket is functional while also being simplistic. The bag offers two urethane wheels that glide easily, with a wide base to deter tipping over during your travels.  There is extra padding at the top of the bag to protect your club heads from damage, while the durable nylon fabric shrugs off all but the most extreme weather. In addition to the internal sync straps, the bag also comes with two exterior clip straps to help secure your bag during transit.  The Straight Jacket offers two outer zippered pockets that also let you store quick-grab items such as extra clothes, and golf shoes inside without a problem.  The Ogio Straight Jacket comes in 3 different color options and will cost you $200.00 to take one home.  

BagBoy Freestyle: 

Our next bag on the list is the BagBoy Freestyle.  If you are looking for a bag that is extremely easy to load your clubs in and out of, as well as a bag that easily can roll upright, then the Bagboy Freestyle is perfect for you.  The Freestyle offers a 6 wheel base system for easy upright transit, and the large main compartment will fit most stand or cart bags.  The bag can fit up to a 48” driver, and the durable 600D polyester will keep your clubs safe during travel.  The bag also folds into the base for a convenient storing size, and offers a good sized external pocket for your shoes, additional golf balls, or other golf travel necessities.  The BagBoy Freestyle comes in 3 different color options to choose from, and will run you around $230.00 to bring one home.  

Samsonite Hard Sided:

Next on our list is another hard sided travel case from Samsonite.  The case is made of lightweight, durable  plastic, which will allow the case to last through the normal wear and tear of traveling.  Inside, the bag offers a padded quilt lining, with extra foam at the top to cradle your club heads. Twin straps also help lock the bag’s contents in place. There are four wheels at the bottom that give you a 360-degree spin control, while two additional in-line skate wheels let you push or pull the bag over rougher terrain. The bag can accommodate up to 48-inch clubs and the overall sleek profile means it cuts down on bulk without sacrificing any protection.  The Samsonite hard sided case comes in 3 different color options and you can pick one up right now for just under $220.00

Sun Mountain Kube

We will end our list with the Kube from Sun Mountain.  This is one of the most innovative bags on the market today.  The Travel case is made with ballistic-style nylon and plastic half-shells, and this state-of-the-art travel cover will provide optimal protection for your clubs on your next golf trip. When not in use, this versatile bag folds down into a super compact size for easy storage.  The Kube can accommodate up to a 48” driver, and weighs just under 7 pounds.  The Sun Mountain Kube comes in 8 color options to choose from and will cost you around $230.00 to bring one home.  

What’s your favorite travel case and why?  We would love to hear from you in the comments below. 

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