The Coolest Head Covers in Golf with Seamus Golf

Today, we dive into some really incredible handcrafted golf products from Seamus Golf and we start RIGHT NOW.  If you haven’t checked out our Youtube Channel Golf Weekly, check it out as we release weekly videos breaking down the latest golf technology, equipment, apparel, and experiences.  

Seamus was started by married couple Megan & Akbar Christi.  Akbar received a headcover from Royal Troon in Scottland as a gift and wanted to bring a different style of headcover to the market in the US.  Megan used this same headcover as inspiration and started sewing prototypes.  Made from premium fabrics including tartan wool, Harris Tweed, and Pendleton wool, the response for the headcovers was incredible. Seamus products make an incredible Holiday Gift, and they even have a Groomsmen gift idea section as well.  Speaking of Holiday Gifts, if you haven’t checked out our favorite Holiday Gift videos, make sure to check it out.  We’ll link it in the description for you.

The couple was able to get the early attention of Bandon Dunes and their Golf Shop to give them a test run on wholesale.  With the success there, the same company also owns Sand Valley in Wisconsin and Cabot Links in Nova Scotia.  From there, the company began to grow and quickly added other custom items like Shoe Bags, Golf Ball Markers, Bag Tags, Yardage book covers, and many other items.  Each head cover is cut and sewn at the Seamus headquarters in Oregon.  

Let’s take a look at some of their headcovers that have been voted the Top Headcover by Golf Digest.  

First off, you can choose from any of their awesome designs or create your own custom headcovers.  Each cover or pouch offers the option to add a customized leather patch sewn to the wool. They use vegetable tanned leather sourced from Oregon Leather Company and can inscribe virtually any single color text or logo (that you own the rights to) onto the leather. 

The company prides itself on using the highest quality wool sourced directly from the Pacific Northwest.  The construction is exceptional, the fabric is absolutely solid, and the stitching is elite in every way.  One of my favorite things about this brand is that they have an extremely innovative attitude that is willing to try most designs.  

The Seamus designs range from Hawaiian to Scottish, from Tie Dye to Patriotic.  If you are a basketball lover, they have your favorite NBA team available to wear over your woods.  They also have a collegiate line with a ton of different colleges to choose from.  

In a similar light, their putter covers which are stitched using the same high-quality materials and process are a great way to complete your golf cover set.  They have a ton of designs to choose from and you can personalize the label.  

Their shoe bags are made from woven or waxed cotton and the quality is just as you would expect….exceptional.  The shoe bags fit up to men’s size 15, come in 13 styles, and will be a great addition to your golf travel bag. 


Seamus also offers some really cool and unique ball markers that are forged by actual blacksmiths in a 2,200-degree fire.  From a 4 leaf clover to a lucky horseshoe.  From a bottle opener to a lone star sheriff’s badge marker.  They are forged and handcrafted from nickel, copper, steel, and bronze.  The ball markers are 1.5 inches in diameter and can be customized to your liking as well.  

Seamus also produces some pretty cool bag tags that double as a bottle opener.  They also make Eucalyptus tags for a natural look & feel.   Just like the ball markers, the bag tags offer complimentary personalization hand stamped by one of their in-house artisans.  You can create your own custom design as well.

Seamus doesn’t stop there.  The company also produces a ton of other handcrafted items such as Divot Tools, Golf Towels, Scorecard holders, and even Alignment stick covers.  So be sure to check those out as well.

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below about what you think about these handcrafted golf products.  

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