The Best Golf Holiday Gift Ideas for 2020

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If you have ever purchased a gift for that golfer in your life, you have probably spent money on something they already have, won’t use, or not their style.  So today, we are going to be providing some great ideas for the golfer in your life.  You won’t find golf balls, golf shirts, or a new wedge on this list.  Here are our favorite Golf Holiday gift ideas for 2020.  

Virtual Lessons:  SwingIndex

If you do a quick google search on Virtual Golf Lessons, there are a ton of options to choose from.  In the state of the world right now, virtual is turning into the new way of life and that doesn’t exclude golf lessons.  One of our favorite options if the golfer in your life has ever talked about “Getting Lessons” is the folks over at Swing Index.  Pricing starts at $99 and it’s really simple:  You download the app, upload two swings, then a world class golf teaching pro will analyze your swing and come up with a swing improvement plan customized for you.  Trust us, giving the gift of golf game improvement is one of the best gifts you can give.  

Custom Golf Ball Markers and Divot Tools:  Dune Jewelry

We’ll take a look at some really cool golf ball markers and divot tools from Dune Jewelry.  Golfers use ball markers and divot tools every round, so why not find one that they love and is unique to them.  The Golf ball markers are made of stainless steel, filled with sand from Pebble Beach, and can be completely customized with engraving.  The Divot tool is made from die-cast metal and also features a bottle opener.  Just as with the golf ball marker, the divot tool can be completely customized with names, important dates (such as a hole-in-one), or funny sayings.  You can also fill the divot tool with sand from your favorite golf course for a unique look.  The Golf ball markers come in at $38.00 and the Divot tool comes in at $40.00.  

Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy:

When toting all your personal belongings on the course, it can be annoying to fill cup holders with your phone.  If you have ever had a full drink spill on your phone, then this next product is perfect.  The Desert Fox Golf Caddy fixes that problem with an adjustable velcro strap that attaches to your golf cart. The caddy will work with phones and GPS units.  It keeps your phone conveniently stored on the cart railing.  Once you use this product you won’t ever want to be without it.  You can pick one up for $25.00 on Amazon.  

Remarkable Golf Courses by Iain Spragg

Next on our list is a perfect addition to any golf lovers coffee table with Remarkable Golf Courses by Iain Spragg encompasses the extremes of the sport from the highest golf course in La Paz, Bolivia, to the lowest, in Death Valley.  From the most northerly in the Arctic Circle to the most southerly in Tierra del Fuego. Golf courses that feature neolithic standing stones (Scotland), Roman roads (England), and ruined medieval castles (Wales) Remarkable Golf Courses bring together astonishing stories with some extraordinary photography.  The book will take the golfer in your life on a journey to some of the most incredible golf scenes in the world.  They will love this book and thumb through it on a daily basis.  You can pick this book up for $36.00 

ShortPar 4 Box Subscription:

If you have heard of companies like:  TrunkClub and StitchFix, then Short Par 4 is the golf version of the custom curated subscription box.  The sign up is easy and next comes getting styled. There are four different styles to choose from:  loud & wild, traditional, athletic, and all styles.  There are 2 packages to choose from for men, the Fairway Package $49.00 USD/month plus shipping, this package 2-3 premium items. There is also the Executive Package $79.00 USD/month plus shipping, this includes 3-4 premium items, access to VIP member support and early access to member only deals.  Then the Magnolia package is the ShortPar 4 subscription offering for women which comes every 2 months and is $49.99 per month.  You then pick your shoe, pants, glove and shirt sizes, what hand you wear your glove on. You will receive member discounts that will save you plenty of money off of normal retail prices.  If the golfer in your life is busy, this will be an amazing gift!  

TheraGun Elite:

Let’s take a look at helping the golfer in your life recover with the TheraGun Elite.  A Theragun is a wireless, handheld device that you can use to massage different muscle groups before or after any physical activity – whether it’s 18 holes or a big day in the gym.   Theraguns can be used to help your body recover faster and relieve pain. Theraguns speed up muscle recovery and repair by increasing blood flow to the sore muscles and breaking up the lactic acid. While it is possible to also achieve this with a foam roller, a Theragun can give your entire body a deep-tissue massage in less than 15 minutes.  The golfer in your life will love you for the gift of recovery and you can pick one up for $400.00.


Now, Golfkicks aren’t for everyone, but they definitely fill a need in the market.  Golfkicks are golf spikes that you can screw into any regular shoe.  If the golfer in your life has trouble finding comfortable golf shoes, these are a perfect solution.  I also recently golfed with a friend who is 7 feet tall and has size 18 shoes….soooo golf shoes don’t come in that size so Golfkicks are very helpful to his game.  Think about being able to turn the most comfortable shoes you own into golf shoes…that’s the market that Golfkicks fills.  The Golfkicks traction kit includes 20 spikes, and everything you need to install on your shoe.  Golfkicks start at $32.00 and comes in 7 color options to choose from.  

Glass Golf Ball Decanter:  

If the golf lover in your life also is a whiskey, scotch, bourbon, cognac, or wine connoisseur, then this is one of my favorite gift ideas for the Holiday’s.  The brilliantly handcrafted, lead-free decanter is a perfect representation of a golf ball. Another great aspect about this gift is for each decanter sold, the company will plant a tree.  The decanter holds one-liter and will be an awesome addition to the home bar of your golf lover.  To put a cherry on top, add in this golf ball ice cube maker to really complete the gift experience.  The decanter comes in at $80.00 and the golf ball ice cube maker is just over $12.00. 

Sunfish Scorecard & Yardage Book Holder:

I don’t know how many times out on the course I have lost the scorecard, or the pencil to write with.  Especially if the golfer in your life walks often, the Sunfish Scorecard and Yardage book holder will be a great and unique gift for them.  Sunfish is a premium player in the market and is known for durability and cool designs.  These are 7 inches by 4-½ inches so the product will fit perfectly in a back pocket.  The product comes with five elastic bands to hold your scorecard, yardage book, hole location sheet, and even your pencil.   They have a large number of designs to choose from, or you can customize your own, and most designs come in at $60.00


If the golf lover in your life also has a pet, this is such a fun idea for them.  The company CuddleClones offers customized head covers for the driver 3 wood that will look exactly like their beloved pet.  The custom headcovers are handcrafted from the highest quality faux fur to fit drivers and woods while capturing all the unique details of your pet.  The company also gives back as each order will provide a meal for 20 pets in a shelter.  These are currently on-sale for $150.00, and standard turnaround times are 8 weeks, however rush delivery can be as fast as 2 weeks.  


Mullybox was founded as a general golf box, but the companies received great feedback from early customers that they should focus on “game improvement”.  So that’s the exact direction they went.  Each month Mullybox provides a theme for game improvement.  There are 2 different plans:  The Mullybox and Mullybox Luxury.  The Mullybox provides 6 golf balls, a pack of tees and 3-4 accessories including a game improvement aid.  The Mullybox Luxury provides a dozen tour level golf balls, then 4-5 accessories.  The Mullybox is $39.00 per month and the Luxury Option is $66.00 per month.  Enter the code “R10” for $10 off your first box. 


PutterBall is the perfect party game for every scenario indoors or outdoors.  The game is great for those who love golf, have never played golf, or claim not to enjoy it.  It’s one of the fastest growing products and has been featured in Golf Digest, Golf Magazine and at TopGolf.  PutterBall is a mix of beer pong and mini-golf.  With a similar concept to Golf Cornhole, you and your teammate try to putt your golf ball into each of the 6 golf holes.  Once you make a putt into a hole, you cover it with the corresponding hole covers which will help you reach the further back hole options.   PutterBall includes the turf board, mini-golf putters, two golf balls and the hole covers.  The game set costs $190.00

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