The Best Indoor Golf Putting Greens

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Today we dive deep into indoor putting greens and will provide you with our favorite options for Premium, Mid-range, and Value price points. 

Putting accounts for around 45% of your strokes on any given round and in the Winter months, many people neglect that part of their game.  Today we are going to look at our favorite indoor putting greens for 2020.  We will start our list with the “Value” category.  


SKLZ Vari-Break Practice Green:

This is a great value option for many reasons, but we will start with the high quality, true roll putting surface.  The SKLZ mat also features foam wedges that can help you adjust the break on the putting surface which helps spice things up when you are sick of putting a straight and flat putt.  The mat also features a putt pocket which will decrease the size of the cup and make the putts more challenging, so when you putt on a normal cup, it will look much larger to your eye.  Finally the mid-mat target points will help your sightlines.  The SKLZ Vari-Break comes in at $100.00.  

Perfect Practice Putting Mat:

Started by a couple of guys who were sick of the poor quality of putting mats on Amazon, so they set out to design a product that addressed all their flaws, and that is where the Perfect Practice Putting Mat was born.  The company also recently went into a partnership with Dustin Johnson, but has been endorsed by many PGA tour pros including Marc Leishman, Vijay Singh, and Jimmy Walker.  “The Perfect Practice Mat is far and away the best indoor putting mat I’ve ever used, and has become part of my daily routine,” said Johnson.”  The Perfect Practice mat offers two different sized cups:  1 regulation, and 1 smaller than regulation.  One of the most important parts of any putting mat is the quality of the surface, and Perfect Practice Mat offers a thick Crystal Velvet with TrueRoll Technology.  The ball retrieval is a nice feature of this mat as well as you will be able to putt as long as you want if you have 3 or 4 balls around.  The standard edition comes in at $170.00 

Mid-Range Tier:


The BirdieBall team has sourced some of the best nylon turf available. Not all turf is created equal, and theirs is some of the best of the best.  The Birdieball Putting Green simulates the grain on a real putting green. It is engineered to be stimp-controlled, allowing you to specify how fast or slow you want your putting green. Boasting an ultra tight weave and the greens are 1/2” thick, which is thick enough for your ball to fall into the cup when you sink a putt.   The company offers a ton of different sizes, as well as you can pick the speed of your green as well (slow, medium, and fast).   Heavy Rubber End Bumpers, configured in a “U” shape to stop the ball from rolling off the green.  The BirdieBall putting greens come with the cups, flags, putting mirror, contour shims to help with shaping different breaks to your putts, and finally hole reducers so you can putt at smaller sized holes.  The 4 foot by 10 foot version comes in at $295.00 and as the sizes get bigger, the price will go up.  

Star Pro Putting Green:

This professional quality putting green offers a 9-10 stimp speed and feels about as real as the country club green. Practice is realistic thanks to the unique design of their turf, which is made with nylon filaments that are twisted, heat set, and sheared perfectly smooth to a height of ½ an inch.  The turf is backed with 4 sturdy layers including a natural rubber non-skid base so the green will lay flat and your putts roll true. The 5 X 12 option comes with 5 cups, and contours to create breaks and more challenging putts.  A great feature about this premium turf is that after being rolled up and put away, it unrolls flat every time when you are ready to use it again.  You can pick up the Star Pro 5X12 option for $349.00, and a green border can be purchased at an additional cost.  

Finally we will move onto the premium options:

Money Putt Model from Pro Putt Systems

Learn to get deadly from inside 10′, the most critical distance for par saving putts…..also known as “Money Putts”.  The Money Putt Model Green is a roomy green for practicing shorter length putts, and offers some of the most realistic turf on the market today.  In fact, Ping chose the Pro Putt turf in their VIP putting lab.  Names like Odyssey, USGA, and Titleist all believe in the Pro Putt green brand in their building.  The turf speed runs in the mid to high 10’s on a USGA Stimpmeter, and sits on an interlocking base system.  You won’t need any tools to install the base system together. A single hole on one end for dialing in distance on those par putts and two holes opposite end for diagonal putts.  The perfect green for smaller spaces, offices and game rooms.  Because of the premium price-tag, financing options are available.  The Money Putt model which is 10 feet long by 6 feet wide comes in at $1,375.  If you want contours or breaks in the green you will have to purchase that kit seperately.  

Fiberbuilt Golf

Fiberbuilt Putting Greens deliver commercial-grade solutions ready for every golfer. Fiberbuilt products are designed to provide the ultimate golf practice experience as it relates to: Durability and performance.  The Greens are constructed with a premium putting surface that sits on a rubber foundation.  Thanks to Fiberbuilt’s modular construction base, assembling its mats is simple, quick, and totally tool- free. All the rubber base pieces fit together easily and attach in seconds with their easy-lock fasteners.   Fiberbuilt Putting Greens deliver true, natural roll with a superior feel underfoot. With metal cups to provide accurate targets and authentic sound, the Fiberbuilt short game experience is second to none.  The putting surface runs at a Stimp meter speed of 9 and feels like real grass under your feet.  The 6 foot by 12 foot option comes in at a premium price tag of $1,600

We would love to hear from you in the comments below on your favorite indoor putting green and why you love it.  

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