The Best Golf Umbrellas

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If you love golf and want to stay up to date on the latest golf technology, equipment, and apparel, then you are in the right place.  Today we are diving into golf equipment that can help you play in any type of weather with golf umbrellas.  Let’s dive in.  

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The elements can always factor on the golf course. Fortunately, there’s an abundance of equipment to combat them. Golf umbrellas are designed for all sorts of weather including sun, wind, and, of course, rain.  There are zero reasons why Golf club manufacturers should need to be leaders in the umbrella game, so essentially the logo doesn’t matter, though we’re here to tell you that not every umbrella is the same.  Whether you’re looking to buy an umbrella this week, seeking buying insights to get started, or just want to take a look at what’s on the market today, this video will help you out.  


Weatherman umbrellas are the brainchild of a meteorologist and perform accordingly. First of all, they’re big: the golf umbrellas come in 62” and 68” models. They’re durable, built with industrial-strength fiberglass, teflon-coated fabric, and UPF 50+ protection. There’s a pocket for storage, a rib to hang a towel from, and a mesh pocket for the gear you want to keep dry. To top it off, the Weatherman comes with an app that will literally tell you when to bring an umbrella. It’s hard to get more complete coverage than that.  The Weatherman comes in at $80 and comes in 5 color options.  


When you need the very best wind resistance on the market, the Vortex Vent has you covered.  The Vortex is an incredibly durable umbrella and provides substantial coverage with a double canopy with room for 3 people underneath. A reinforced internal skeleton protects the umbrella from turning inside out on extremely windy days. That, in combination with bungee material on the arms, allows wind to pass through the umbrella easily.  The Vortex is Engineered with an FRP fiberglass shaft and offers manual open with a thermoplastic rubber grip.  The Vortex comes in a 62” or 68” canopy and 5 different color options to choose from.  The umbrella is golf pull cart compatible, comes with a matching travel case, and comes in $70.00


Golfers spend more time in the sun than your average person, which calls for extra emphasis on skin protection. As the name suggests, that’s exactly what you get with a UV Blocker. The Melanoma International Foundation recognized this umbrella’s effectiveness in skin cancer prevention. The Double Canopy Vented Mesh System helps heat escape without letting sun or rain in, which means this umbrella will keep you cool — and dry, too.  The UV-Blocker comes in at $55.00


It might say Titleist, but the Tour Double Canopy is really a ShedRain private label product. It provides abundant coverage and has reinforced arms in addition to a bungee system that moves air through the umbrella to combat windy conditions.  The Titleist Tour Double Canopy is engineered well. Titleist isn’t only worried about the rain; it also has UV layers built into the double canopy. This umbrella also includes the double canopy venting system.  The only thing to mention on this particular umbrella is the handle doesn’t have the best contour grip for your hand.  However we are really being nitpicky here, and this umbrella is durable and will hold up through many golf seasons.  The Titleist Tour Double comes in with a price tag of $85.00


The Gustbuster 68″ is a veteran player in the umbrella game and can withstand most weather conditions. In fact, the Gustbuster can withstand wind gusts of up to 55 miles per hour. The Pro Series Gold golf umbrella is the #1 umbrella on the PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tours.  This weatherproof umbrella features a sturdy waterproof 100% nylon canopy. Combined with its unique patented double canopy design, available with either a 62 or 68-Inch canopy.  Another cool feature for you true golf maniacs out there is that you can also customize your umbrella with your name, business, or anything else that you would like.  One more point for your piece of mind is that The GustBuster Pro Series Gold is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a limited lifetime warranty.  The Gustbuster umbrella comes in at $60.00


The Inesis ProFilter Large is engineered to be simple.  It’s extremely easy to open and close with the push of one simple button.  The bungee system allows air to pass through the umbrella quickly in windy conditions. To protect you against the harmful effects of the sun, the fiber of this umbrella filters out UV rays (UPF50+). Its double-canopy construction makes it resistant to high winds.  The umbrella only comes in black, has a 57” canopy, and at the time of making this video is only $25.00!

We would love to hear your comments below on your favorite golf umbrellas and why.  

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