The Best Golf Practice Nets of 2020

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Regardless of your excuse:  Global Pandemic, Murder Hornets, Watching the kids, sometimes you just can’t make it to the course.   In the US, the Summer months are over and we are switching to Fall which can bring some difficulties playing as much as you would like.    However, with a Golf Practice net, you can still sneak in your much-needed practice sessions. Today we are reviewing our favorite Golf Hitting Nets for 2020. 

The features that are most important when purchasing a golf hitting net are

  1. the ease of use (putting up and taking down)
  2. the size
  3. durability
  4. stability 

Let’s take a look at our favorite options for hitting nets this year.  Please note that the product links are in the description below.  

First on our list is the: 

Spornia SPG 7

The Spornia SPG-7 sets up in mere seconds provides great stability. The net is sturdy enough to handle outdoor use, though its muted sound at impact makes it great for an indoor atmosphere as well. The net is durable and can handle higher swing speed golfers and still return the ball to your feet.  The few small issues with this net is that it can be quite tough your first few ties to fold back down.  If you use this net outdoors, just know that if there is a mild to strong wind, that the net isn’t built to hold up to those conditions.  The Spornia SPG 7 comes in at just under $220.  

GoSports Golf Practice Net:  

The GoSports golf net was designed in the US and is made by golfers for golfers.  The Incredibly durable reinforced nylon net with innovative golf ball return feature is a huge plus.  The net has a lightweight yet sturdy build for easy setup and breakdown which gives you the freedom to practice anywhere, anytime.  The GoSports Golf Practice net comes with a storage duffle bag,  and is one of the better value options on the market today coming in at $79.99.  

Amazon Basics:  $95

The Amazon Basics hitting net is a simple but effective option.  The net offers a very sturdy frame that can hold up in most wind conditions. The Amazon Basics net can be used indoors as well outdoors.   The included bag makes moving the net from place to place hassle-free.  The hitting net is surprisingly durable for the price point.  The Amazon Basics net comes in at a great value of $95.00

NetReturn V2:  $695.00

The NetReturn Pro Series is the ultimate hitting net.  While this comes in at a premium price, the hitting net is widely considered the best on the market.  Our favorite features of this hitting net are that it’s extremely easy to set up with the color-coded installation system.  One person can set this up in under 5 minutes with absolutely no tools required.  It’s also one of the few nets in the world that automatically returns the golf ball to you after hitting.  The net is also extremely stable indoors and outdoors.  The Net Return Pro Series V2 is durable and handles ball speeds of 225 MPH, as well as provides a 250,000 shot guarantee.  The only negative feedback we have heard about the net is that it isn’t very portable once set up.  Again this net comes in just under $700.00

Pro Tip:
-Unless you’re practicing outdoors with plenty of grass to destroy, consider purchasing a hitting mat as well. It won’t be long before you’ve ripped up the grass in your hitting area.  We have listed a couple of different options below in the description. 

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