Our Favorite Golf Gloves For 2020

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You might not think there is much of a difference between one golf glove and another. However, as we will show you today, there are many nuances to the modern golf glove.

 There are 4 main areas that we are going to focus on today:  

Comfort:  Most golfers are divided into two groups.  The first group wants a thinner glove to get a better feel of the club in your hand.  The other side of the fence wants to trade a bit of feeling for a more durable glove.

Fit:  A proper fitting golf glove should fit like a second skin, tight across the palm and fingers, with no loose material.  You should also not have extra material at the top of your fingertips.  The tab should only come about 75% of the way across the back of your hand. (leaving 1/4” of Velcro® uncovered)

Grip:  It’s no surprise that every professional golfer wears a glove.  Gloves provide additional tackiness to your golf grip which is extremely helpful on hot & humid days.  You need to have confidence that your hands will have a consistent connection with the club.  

Style:  Looking back 10 years ago, your options were either black or white.  Nowadays you can get any design you can think of.  So there are definitely some fashion forward brands that we will be covering today.

Titleist Players Flex:

We will start with our favorite golf gloves for Performance with the Titleist Players Flex.  Made from tanned leather, a technically advanced satin net, and a premium synthetic for optimum fit, feel, performance and durability, this Player Flex glove is the choice of many leading professionals.  The Titleist Players Flex is easy to stay connected to the club.  The glove offers good flexibility and the stitching isn’t noticeable on the hand while wearing.  This glove does fit a little more snug on your hand than other gloves we are reviewing so be aware of that.  The glove runs at a $25.00 price point.  

Mizuno Elite 2020:

Next we will take a look at the Mizuno Elite 2020.  The construction of this glove is geared toward flexibility and grip.  The placement of the mesh material across the knuckles provides excellent breathability and a tight but flexible grip.  The fit is optimal as the glove is contoured from the palm to the back of the hand.  The double stitching pattern on the thumb provides a secure fit.  The Mizuno Elite’s only downfall was that the velcro pad lacked durability and longevity.  The price point is really good as well for landing at just around $16.00.  

Ping Sport:

Let’s move on to the Ping Sport Glove.  Built like a premium glove, the Sport provides a relaxed fit at all pressure points, though it might be tight on your thumb and forefinger.  The glove is breathable, comfortable, fits true to size and provides an extremely reliable grip.  Sensor Cool Technology in the wristband wicks moisture away and the soft Solite Cabretta leather that offers a soft, light texture for enhanced flexibility and superior grip.  The material is a bit thicker than other gloves so if you prefer a thinner golf glove, this is not the glove for you.  The glove is also priced extremely competitively at $15.00.

Vice Pure:

Now let’s move on to our favorite Premium glove options.  We will start with a brand that is primarily known for their golf balls with Vice Golf.  Made from pure lamb leather, this is the softest golf glove on the market.  One of the few cons of this glove is that it doesn’t come in Youth or Cadet sizing.  The Vice Pure glove will give you a consistent grip with a snug fit, but not restrictive at the same time.  The glove will run you around $28.00 and if you want a soft leather feel, you can’t go wrong with this golf glove.  

Cuater Between The Lines:

From the Travis Mathew brand, Cuater has created a stylish modern golf glove.  Created from flexible cabretta leather, the BETWEEN THE LINES glove features an adjustable tab closure and finger perforation for optimal breathability.  The Cuater Between the lines fits incredibly on the hand, and the leather is the perfect thickness to give you the optimal grip connection with the club.  The glove features a dual-colored design, “Birdie” stitched on the outside of the middle finger, and grip location reminder that reads “Cash Please”.  For $35.00 this glove is obviously on the premium end, but you will love how it fits, performs, and looks.  

This next section is for you golfers who like to make a statement and we have 3 great companies that are making much more modern and stylish golf glove designs.  



ASHER was born in 2009 with a desire to provide the golf world something it lacked; high-quality golf gloves with a little added flavor and style.  Their gloves are made with AAA Cabretta leather and most of their gloves are made from a single piece of leather.  Their styles are bold, and modern and the company recently partnered with the NBA to have their logos on the closure.  Asher gloves start at $12.00 and can run as high as $30.00.  They have pretty much any color option you can think of an offer ladies and junior options as well.  


G/FORE got their start in golf apparel with innovative golf glove designs.  Their golf gloves provide stylish golfers with unparalleled construction, quality, fit and feel. G/FORE gloves are precision-crafted from premium aa cabretta leather, with a rubber patch detail on the tab.  They have pretty much any color option you can think of and offer ladies and junior options as well.  the g/fore gloves are a bit more expensive starting at $35.00 and ranging up to $40.00


The newest brand to our list recently just finished their Kickstarter campaign and quickly sold out of their first shipment of gloves.  The Vancouver based company offers some of the most bold and eclectic designs we have ever seen.  Like the other gloves on our list, Kepel uses Cabretta leather for a soft, yet durable glove.  They also offer high precision stitching and handmade finishes.  They are expecting stock to be replenished in September of 2020.  Kepel gloves run from $30-$35.00 and come Men’s or Women’s styles.  

Finally, we want to provide you a tip:  

If you are playing in extremely humid or hot weather where you will be sweating more than normal, a great tip is to try to use a rain golf glove.  This will help keep the connection between your hands and the golf club, as well as most rain gloves are built to absorb moisture quickly.  Give it a shot and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.  

What is your favorite brand of golf glove and why?  We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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