The Top Golf Shot Trackers For 2020

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In a recent study that was published, golfers overestimate their distance ability about 10% on average.  So the question of do you know how far you hit every club in your bag is maybe tougher than you think?In today’s blog post we are discussing our favorite Shot Tracking technology for 2020 and why it’s so important to have actual data to back up why you are picking a particular club for your shot.  

Let’s Dive In!

When it comes to hitting your golf clubs and the distances they travel, there is PERCEPTION, and then there is data-driven REALITY.  The ego usually drives your perception, and your golfing buddies (or instructor) usually helps in bringing you back to reality.  On a sample size of 6 Million shots included in a recent study, 40% of the approach shots with irons fell short, while only 5% of the shots went long.  The results of the study show that you are 8X more likely to come up short than you are long.  So having true swing data will help you select the correct club for your shot which will in turn help you hit more greens in regulation.  

Now golf smart sensor technology is relatively new, but as golfers are demanding more and more data, this technology will definitely help you make more data-driven decisions on the golf course.  Let’s dive into our favorite Golf club tracking technology.  


We are starting out with one of the highest rated smart caddie and shot tracking systems with Arccos.  The system consists of 14 sensors that you sync with a mobile app.  The setup doesn’t take more than a few minutes by inserting the 14 sensors into the top of the grip of each club (which can include your putter) and then pair to the app in a process that’s called “Bag Setup”. 

When you get to the golf course you start your round in the app and make sure the correct course is downloaded.  In the 3rd Generation as well as older versions you would need to carry your phone in your pocket to collect accurate shot data.  However with the new Caddie Link, the small intermediary device can clip to your belt or waistband which will then accurately capture shot data.  

Let’s talk about how the Arcoss system can help you.  First, you will be provided accurate shot tracking data to show you how far you hit each club on average.  The A.I. powered GPS Rangefinder will take into account:  Distance, Wind, slope, temperature, humidity, and even altitude to give you an adjusted shot distance.  The Personalized caddie advice feature again leverages A.I. provides you the optimal strategies to play each hole as well as provide recommended clubs to use for each shot.  The Arccos sensors will run you around $180.00 and the Caddie Link will run you an extra $100.  

Shotscope V3 Shot Tracking System

The Scottish based company just launched the Shotscope V3 Watch and tracking system.  The V3 is about the size of an apple watch and offers 16 screw in sensor tags along with the GPS Watch.  This is a great value for both the watch and shot trackers as of this video recording the system costs $220.00.   This system will allow the golfer to analyze their statistics, like club distances, accuracy with each club.  The great thing about the Shotscope is the app is free, and there is no tagging or phone required.  The 16 sensors will automatically sync with the watch to provide you shot tracking and other analytics.  The Shotscope V3 also provides you a great GPS watch to help with distances.  The watch also has 5 different colored bands and you can switch them out to match with any style.  The watch also has 35,000 preloaded courses, comes with a color screen, and has a dual GPS antenna system for more precise yardages.  If you don’t have a GPS watch or Shot tracking sensors, this is a great low priced option for you.  

Garmin Approach CT10

The Garmin Approach Premium Club tracking system pairs with compatible Garmin golf watches to automatically track every shot, including locations/distances/club type.  The CT10 system collects data from each shot and club so you can analyze strokes gained and other stats used by professional golfers.  Stats for each club with a sensor installed show up on your compatible Garmin golf watch after pulling the club from the bag.   You will be able to see how far you typically hit each club; view stats for accuracy to the fairway or green.  The setup is simple to install the lightweight and secure sensors which easily attach to the end of a club’s grip. An ingenious automatic on/off feature helps provide battery life of up to 4 years. Approach CT10 club trackers are available in a full set to track all 14 clubs in your bag (even your putter), or a Starter Pack of 3 if you want to just track certain clubs.   The system pairs with the Garmin golf app which is compatible with both iOS and Android.  Review your stats in the Garmin Golf app for accuracy to the fairway or green and for drives, approach shots, chip shots and putting to help you know what parts of your game need more focus.  This product is on the premium end of the spectrum and can be purchased for around $300.00

Blast Motion

Blast Motion is increasingly becoming a leader in shot analytics technology.  Blast Golf combines sensor-based swing and stroke analysis with auto-edited video clips in an easy to use mobile app. Get real-time feedback with a solution designed to help you train smarter and get better.  On full-swing shots, the mobile app records five metrics: backswing and downswing times, total swing time, swing tempo and swing speed.  This system even captures the elusive bunker and short game shots.  The device also collects 11 putting metrics such as clubface rotation, loft and lie change, stroke timing and tempo, and more. Plus, the app contains drills to improve those metrics. With the enhanced learning center within the free App you can analyze metrics, and get tips and drills from Tour and PGA Professionals like Brad Faxon.  The Blast Golf system will run you around $150.00 price point and the app is free for life.  

Game Golf Pro:   

Incorporating autonomous-grade sensors used by top automotive brands such as Tesla, GAME GOLF PRO features one of the industry’s most advanced shot-tracking technology, enabling golfers to instantly track every shot in real-time hands free.  The setup and ease of use is simple:  arrive at the tee, turn on GAME GOLF PRO and play. Unlike earlier iterations, there’s no need to tap the GAME GOLF tags on your clubs to the hip device. All you have to do is play golf — and every shot, distance, and club used is automatically tracked.  The ‘PRO’ medallion has its own battery and GPS included so like a few of the competing systems, you can leave your phone at home saving you data and battery life, if you choose.  The App has many great features such as post round analyzation, social sharing of your round so you can share that incredible shot, or long drive with your friends, or compare your stats, strengths and weaknesses against the golf index or even PGA pros you strive to be like.  Another social feature is the challenge and compete aspect of the app which you can challenge friends anywhere in the world with skills challenges.  The compete feature allows you to see the live leaderboard, track scores in many different formats, and share your scores on social networks and the app even accounts for different handicaps.  The system includes 14 Tracking tags, a USB charging cable, Divot tool, and the Game Golf Pro Medallion.  Game Golf is endorsed by well known golf instructor Sean Foley and to bring home The Game Golf Pro it will cost you around $300.00.  

SkyGolf GameTracker G2

The SkyGolf GT2 GameTracker automatically captures the location, calculates the distance and syncs each shot with the SkyCaddie Mobile rangefinder app where you can see your round displayed on brilliant HD color maps. Your round is immediately available in the SkyGolf 360 Cloud to analyze or share with friends, family or your golf instructor in real-time.  

When combined with SmartTags™ the club used is also captured or you can use the simple One-Touch edit tool to add the club information later. You’ll know how far you hit every club in your bag, resulting in better game management and lower scores.  GameTracker is the only product to offer a fully integrated, full-featured GPS rangefinder and scoring app. The SkyCaddie Mobile™ GPS rangefinder app not only gives you all of the distances you need to play each shot but shows the results overlaid on vivid HD maps too.  The app is pretty incredible as they walk every course w/ survey grade equipment, providing an extremely accurate eagles eye view of the course where you can measure distances to & from any point on the golf hole.  You can also get accurate green data as well.  The GT2 system costs $100.00 and includes: club tags, reader,  GPS app and 1-Year SkyGolf 360 Premium plan.  The Premium plan is $30.00 per year after the first year of the included subscription runs out.  

Have you used a golf club tracking system before?  Comment below on what your experience has been like and the pro’s and cons.  

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