Our Favorite Golf Push Carts For 2020

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If you like walking during your round, and are thinking of getting a push cart,  then we have the perfect breakdown for you today.  Push Carts (just like a lot of golf technology) have come a long way in the last few years and we’ll break down our favorite options for 2020.  

Golf can be a great way to get some much needed exercise when walking during your round.  A Push cart is a great way to keep the stress of the back and shoulders, and allow you to easily walk the course in comfort.  Push-Carts are extremely popular right now during the pandemic.  In fact, most of the options we researched are having trouble keeping stock on the shelves.  

There are some major questions we want you to ask yourself before you jump in and purchase a new push cart.   

Question#1:  What is your normal course like?  Is it hilly or more flat?  Is it strictly grass, or is it rocky like in the desert?  

If you happen to play a course that has quite a few hills and elevation changes, then you will want a push cart with some advanced braking features.  If your course has different features other than grass (such as desert or rocky type golf courses), then A larger wheel size will help you navigate on those types of courses.  So really think about your home course and what suits your needs there.  


What is most important to you when thinking about a push cart?  Comfort in the handle?  Add on features or Accessories?  Does the size folded up matter to you?  Does weight matter?  Do you prefer a hand-brake or foot brake?  Really think about what you are looking for in your ideal push cart.  

Question#3:  Is stability or maneuverability more important to you?

Many of the options we are breaking down are either very stable or very maneuverable, but it’s hard to find both.  Stability will usually come at the price of losing maneuverability and maneuverability will usually come at the price of losing stability.  So really put some thought into what is more important to you.  

Now that you have a good idea of what is important to you, let’s dive into the push carts.  

CaddyTek CaddyLite EZ V8

This model is the Top Selling push-cart on Amazon currently, and what better way to understand a market leader than the market trends.  The 3 Wheeled CaddyLite Version 8 edition push cart provides many smart features like the Patented one-click button mechanism folds the cart to compact size in 2 simple steps.  The strong but light push cart is only 18.5 pounds but is durable with an aluminum frame and folds up to 16.5”W x 14.4″L x 28.4”H.  The basket with built-in cooler, umbrella, scorecard holder and beverage holder fulfill the expectations that go along with a name like CaddyTek.   The Caddylite features an adjustable bag holder so your golf bag is going to fit regardless of the size. The foamless, airless wheels are reliable, sturdy and streamlined.  There are a number of compartments for just about everything you can think of, however there are additional add ons for purchase:  such as a seat or carry bag.  One important point to know is that this particular model provides a foot break instead of the handle breaking system.  For under $200.00, you can’t go wrong with this push-cart.  

Big Max Blade IP

The 3 Wheeled BIG MAX Blade IP was the Winner of the Golf Digest Editors Choice Award 2018, 2019 and 2020.  The ultra-slim design, featuring BIG MAX Flat Fold technology folds down flatter than any other pushcart we’ve seen—five inches high. It weighs less than 15 pounds, so not only is it easy to store, it’s easy to lift. It’ll fit any size bag you have, and the minimalist frame has storage for your essentials. The Blade IP push cart can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of just a few seconds, as the wheels automatically flip out for your convenience.  The technology and convenience will cost you a bit more at a price tag around $350.00.  

BagBoy Nitron Auto-Open

The BagBoy Nitron is considered by many the easiest opening push-cart on the market.  If you have ever struggled to set-up & breakdown a push-cart, then BagBoy has solved this problem for you.  The Nitrogen piston technology makes the opening of the push-cart ridiculously easy.  This 3-wheeled push-cart supplies generous storage with the scorecard console, integrated beverage holder, mobile device holder, golf ball storage as well as the Extra large accessory bag under the scorecard console for storage.  Coming in at about 17 pounds, the Nitron can hold pretty much any bag with its patented Top Lok system.  The BagBoy Nitron comes in with a price tag of around $260.00 and we think it’s well worth it.  

ClicGear Model 4

Their flagship design, the ClicGear Model 4 provides stability without sacrificing maneuverability.  This particular ClicGear option comes with 9 different colors.  The Model 4 provides plenty of storage space with the large console and storage net.  At 21 pounds, it is a bit on the heavier side, but still relatively light.  You can adjust the handle to any height for tall or short golfers, and the front wheel engaged handbrake is really convenient as well.  The Model 4 has a silicone strapping system to hold your bag in place and accommodates most stand bags.  Just as with most ClicGear models, there are countless accessories (such as a shoe brush, cooler bag, or cart seat) that you can purchase to add on to your push cart.  Coming in at around $260.00, you will be happy with this purchase.  

Rovic RV-1S

MyGolfSpy (the familiar golf review site) voted the Rovic RV-1S as their favorite Push-cart for 2020 and let’s dive into why.  The first feature that is excellent,  if maneuverability is important to you is the 360 degree swivel front wheel.  The ability to change direction and turn is effortless, and a wide base and large wheels allow you to move through uneven terrain with ease.  Their strap-in locking system keeps your bag secure throughout the entire round.  This particular 3-wheeled push-cart comes in 5 different color options, and has a number of accessories such as:  A seat, cooler bag, XL cup holders, and shoe brush.  The 17 pound frame folds down to 13” X 15” X 24”.  The Rovic RV-1S uses the foot brake system and has plenty of storage for your golf balls, scorecard, tees, and pencil.  At a lower price point of $220.00 we can see why the MyGolfSpy team voted this as their favorite push-cart of 2020.  

Sun Mountain Pathfinder 4

We understand that 3-wheeled push carts aren’t for everybody, so we wanted to include a 4 wheel option and we think the Sun Mountain Pathfinder is a great addition to our list.  One of Golf Digest’s top Push Carts for 2020, the 4 wheeled Pathfinder will provide more stability than its’ 3 wheeled counterparts.  When using this particular push-cart, your golf bag will stand more vertical which will make taking out and putting your clubs back in your bag easier.  The Pathfinder weighs 17 pounds and has FOLDED DIMENSIONS of W 26 X H 16 X H 14 and folds down in 2 simple steps.  The Accessory console is designed to hold your cell phone, score card, extra balls and tees.  One of the best accessories you can attach is a rechargeable powerpack, allowing you to charge your phone or speaker while playing your round.  For additional storage, the cart has a mesh basket and a velour-lined pouch for your electronics and other valuables.  At $240.00 the 4 Wheeled Sun Mountain Pathfinder is a great alternative to the 3 wheeled push carts.  

Do you prefer 3-wheeled or 4-wheeled push-carts?  Leave us a comment and tell us your favorite model and why.  

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