The Craziest Golf Holes In The World

We recently did a post around the hardest golf courses in the world which you can find below on this blog.  With the reception & feedback so positive, we thought it would be fun to follow that up with the craziest golf holes in the world!  

Caution:  These holes will cause you to throw clubs, run from wild animals, dodge race cars, and perhaps even go riding waves.  Let’s dig in:

Brickyard Crossing:  Holes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

We will start in Indianapolis, Indiana where the world famous golf course architect Pete Dye created a very unique golf course design called the Brickyard Crossing.  The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is one of the most iconic racing venues in the world and home to the Brickyard 500 race.  However, it is also home to 4 holes of the Brickyard Crossing Golf Course.  In 1993 Pete Dye re-constructed the course to have 14 holes right outside the Brickyard, and 4 holes located inside the venue.  The experience is like no-other, where you are playing golf inside a professional sports venue.  Because golfers will need to actually cross the tarmac, as you can probably expect, during days where a race is going on the course will be shut down.  

El Camaleón at the Fairmont Mayakoba:  Hole No. 7

As every golf course has holes with hazards and traps to be avoided during play, we think this golf hole has a rather unique feature called a “Cenote”.  A Cenote is a deep natural sinkhole, cave or well that occurs frequently in South America.  Cenotes are formed when the limestone erodes, collapses and exposes the groundwater below.  At The El Camaleon, the 7th hole looks normal at first glance, but when you come closer to the fairway bunker you will notice it is not normal at all.  The Cenote is the permanent home to thousands of golf balls.  If you hit your ball and it doesn’t stop in the sand, it’s gone forever and you are more likely to find a bat flying around then your ball.  This famous Cenote is the reason we consider Hole number 7 at El Camaleon to be one of the craziest golf holes in the world.  

Coeur d’Alene Resort Golf Course Idaho, US:  Hole 14

The Scott Miller designed course opened in 1991 and placed on the shores of Lake Coeur d’Alene.  The 14th hole makes this already stellar golf course, world famous.  The 14th green is located on an island that is only accessible by boat.  One of the most unique greens in the world, it does offer a few bunkers and trees for additional difficulty.  The island green is completely man-made.  The 15,000 square foot green weighs over 22,000 tons and sits on blocks of polystyrene.  To take this impressive green even further, a computer system controls a network of cables to give the ability to move the green.  Every day the distance is changed to add even more difficulty to the world famous hole.  The Par 3 can range between 90 and 220 yards and that is why we consider the 14th at the Coeur d’Alene Resort Golf Course, one of the craziest golf holes in the world.  

Pacifico Golf Course at Punta Mita, Hole 3b, the ‘Tail of the Whale’

Our Next hole is one of the most scenic golf holes in the world.   About 10 miles north of Puerto Vallarta Mexico, the Jack Nicklaus designed Pacifico Golf course offers two Third Holes.  3A, and 3B or also known as the “Tail of the Whale”.  3B is the only natural island green in the world, and is only accessible by golf cart during times of low tide and set in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  In times of high tide, you will be transported to your shot by an amphibious golf cart.  The hole is about 180 yards long and can be extremely difficult with a strong breeze coming off the Pacific Ocean.  

TPC Colorado 13th Hole:  

About an hour North of Denver lies the TPC Colorado which is home to the longest Par 5 in Professional golf.  The Par 5 ranges at 773 Yards or just under half a mile long (yes that is correct…it measures almost 800 yards!).  The Arthur Schaupeter-designed course is nearly 8,000 yards in total.  Even though the hole is the longest in all of professional golf circuits, it is still only considered the 8th toughest hole on the TPC Colorado.  The tournament scoring averages are usually over par for this beast of a hole.  It’s rated in the top 3 hardest par 5’s on the Korn Ferry tour.  The length and elevation of this hole is why it makes our list for one of the craziest golf holes in the world.  

Legend Golf & Safari Resort:  South Africa (19th Hole)

The 19th hole at the Legend Golf & Safari resort is definitely one of the craziest golf holes in the world.  The Par 3 is over 400 yards in length, making it the longest par 3 in the world.  The hole starts off at the top of a cliff 1,300 feet above the green.  You will need to jump on a helicopter to access the tee box(or some really good climbing gear).  The tee-box is so high up from the green, that once you hit your ball it will take around 20 seconds for the ball to land.  Only 20 of the thousands who have given the 19th hole a shot have birdied this hole, and just over 200 have even made par.  The elevation change is so extreme that you need a spotter to help keep track of your ball.  This golf experience is like no other in the world and to tee it up on the 19th hole, that will run you an extra $125.  

Cape Kidnappers:  Hole 15

Hole 15 is known as the “Pirates Plank” and for good reason.  The 650 Par 5 is an absolute monster of a hole, and one of the most dramatic holes in the world.  Cape Kidnappers, Hawkes Bay was designed by Rom Doak.  Considered by many as the signature hole of New Zealand, the Pirates Plank provides ridiculous views of the ocean, but also offers insanely dramatic drop offs on each side of the fairway and travels straight towards the sea.  The hole will cause countless golf balls to take the plunge into the Ocean off the almost 500 foot cliffs.  The hole itself isn’t too out of the ordinary, but when combining the cliffs, ocean breeze and scenery.  It’s one of the most insane golf holes you will ever play.  

TPC Sawgrass Stadium Course Florida US (Hole 17)

Our next hole is the Par 3, 17th hole at the TPC Sawgrass Stadium course.  Pete Dye designed the golf course and it is located about 12 miles from Jacksonville.  The 17th hole is one of the most famous golf holes in the world with its signature island green.  The water surrounding the green claims over 120,000 golf balls every year, if you need a side-gig, grab some scuba gear, and you will have endless amounts of golfball inventory to sell.  The 17th hole is the make or break hole for your round, and professionals know, if they can get past the island green dry, they will finish their round on a good note.  

Skukuza Golf Course South Africa 

The Skukuza Golf Course is a beautiful 9-hole (18-tee) course situated in the famous Kruger National Park.  On the outskirts of the Skukuza Rest Camp on the Eastern portion of South Africa. The wildlife sanctuary near the golf course provides a harmonious close-to-nature golfing experience. The golf course was built in 1972 as a recreational facility for the Skukuza workforce, and has now been opened to visitors to the Kruger National Park.  

The course is a Par 72, and is 6450 yards in length. Since the course is not fenced-in, uninvited spectators are a common sight; hippo’s, impalas, warthogs and baboons to mention a few.  You might find yourself a little nervous trying to putt with 4,000 pound hippo staring at you.  The uniqueness and scenery is why we love this hole as one of the craziest in the world.  

What are some of the craziest golf holes you have played?  We would love to hear your comments!

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